Are Your Teachers Telling You the Truth?

Whiteness:  Does being white make you racist?

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America and Racism: Is America a racist country?

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Discrimination: Should we Discriminate in Favor of Blacks and Against Whites?

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Climate Change: Is the earth heading for climate catastrophe ?

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Economics : Why Doesn't the Government Just Print More Money and Give it to Everyone?

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Gender: My school counselor tells Johnny that he may really be a girl.
She tells Mary that she may really be a boy.  Should they
have surgery?

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Books: Schools in order to promote diversity are reducing the number of books by white authors assigned to children to read.  If they do assign books by white authors they are usually books that encourage activism to fight climate change and other causes.  Over time I will be compiling a list of books based on their quality, regardless of the race of the author who wrote them.  If anyone has suggestions for children's books that should be put on the list please click on the contact us link at the bottom of the page.

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