If All Whites Are Racist Why Did White People
Rescue the Vietnamese Boat People?

If whites aren't racist toward Asians then why are we told they are?  Larry Alexander wrote, in the American Thinker wrote that:

One reason is power.  The left wants Asians to join blacks and Hispanics as reliable votes for Democrats.  So it wants Asians to believe what it wants (and has largely succeeded in getting) blacks and Hispanics to believe namely, that Republicans and their voters are white supremacists who despise them.  Although this is a lie, and a big one, when it comes to blacks and Hispanics, it is perhaps an even bigger lie when it comes to Asians.  Nonetheless, it has worked to some degree, even with Asians, and so the left keeps repeating it. 

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If Whites Aren't Racist Why Did the British Engage in the Slave Trade?

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