If Whites Aren't Racist Why did the British Engage in the Slave Trade?

During the time of the slave trade there were British racists and Englishmen who were against the slave trade.  There were huge profits to be made from slavery and bad Englishmen who made those profits.  Evan Jones made a movie about the fight against slavery (part1 part2 part3).  It show how horrific and cruel the slavers were but it also shows the people who fought against it.  It show how not only whites but blacks enslaved other blacks for profit.  This movie shows shocking material and is not for children.

I have included some clips that are OK for children in the video below.  They show reenactments of people in the British parliament who fought against slavery.  The petitions discussed in the video were petitions by British citizens against slavery.

        The Portuguese and the Spanish had their own slave trades and their own abolitionists as well.  Hispanics are portrayed in the United States as an underprivileged minority and an oppressed class but they have just as bad a history as the English do when it comes to enslaving other people.  The French also engaged in the slave trade.

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