Shouldn't we discriminate for Black Americans to make up for past discrimination against them?

     There are people who believe that we should.  They say that not discriminating hasn't worked because blacks earn less money on average than whites do.  They say that if we don't discriminate in favor of blacks we are racist.  They say it is our obligation to be anti-racist, where means discriminating in favor of black people and silencing all those who are against such discrimination.  They say it is our obligation to get rid of anything that interferes with blacks becoming equal to whites in every profession.  If blacks don't do as well on exams as whites do they say we should get rid of those exams and that those exams are racist.  They say we should discriminate in favor of blacks who need medical care over whites.  When you apply for a Covid shot, they ask you, you're race and if you mark African American you will be scheduled to get the shot sooner than if you are white.  They are also against the accomplishments of white culture.  Music is one of those accomplishments and some of them are against classical music and even sheet music which they call white supremacist.

      Those who are argue that not discriminating hasn't worked are missing that America has been discriminating in favor of blacks and that hasn't worked. 

Affirmative action is when discrimination is used to help a group.  There is widespread affirmative action in the United States on behalf of blacks and Hispanics.  The problem with discriminating for a group is that to do so you have to discriminate against another group.  Another problem with affirmative action is it hurts the people it is meant to help.  Thomas Sowell explains below that affirmative action programs hurt everyone. 


What About White Privilege, Don't Whites Owe Blacks Because They Have White Privilege?

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