If Whites in America Aren't all Racist Against Blacks Why are We Told That So Many Are?

Describing a political opponent as a racist is a way to get people to vote against him.  That is a reason that Democrats portrayed Trump and his supporters as evil racists. Another reason to portray a group as racist toward your own group is to convince them to pay your group reparations. The Black Lives Matter organization has collected at least 90 million dollars in donations. These donations may be from companies who believe they are donating to a good cause. They may also be from organizations that are afraid that if they don't donate they will face black violence. Accusing whites of racism is a way to get black people to be threatening and violent so that whites are scared and donate money.

Hawk Newsome, a New York leader of Black Lives Matter made threats in the interview below.


There are other reasons to say that whites are racists.  In March of 2021 a man murdered several Asian women and this was reported as evidence for widespread discrimination against Asians.  But was it?  If it wasn't then why did the media report that it was?  Paul Watson discusses this in the video below.


If racism is the reason for poor blacks not making as much money as whites and whites are racist against Asians than Asians should not make as much money as whites.  Here is a table showing average household incomes of Asians and Whites in 2019.

Indian Americans



Taiwanese Americans



Filipino Americans



Indonesian Americans



Japanese Americans



White Americans




Whites have the lowest average household income.  Why is that?  Nigerians who come here do a lot better financially than American blacks?  If America is racist is against blacks why is that?  Lauren Chen brings that question up in her outstanding video below.  She also points out that there is real discrimination but it is by the left and is against Asians.  Also most of the attacks on Asians have been by blacks.


Why would blacks attack Asians.  Thomas explains one reason and maybe the main reason below.


You can see the resentment of Black Lives Matter people against white people in the video below.  The white people are not being systemically racist they are just eating their lunches.  The BLM people are assuming that the diners and the restaurant owners have money and they are angry about that.  There is a lot of anger and cursing in the video and it is frightening.  If you are a child  you may not want to watch it.


Larry Alexander wrote in the American Thinker that:

Hate crimes against Asians, mainly assaults, have indeed increased in the last year, as has violent crime in general.  But even taking the highest estimate of their number I could find, that provided by the left-wing StopAAPIHate, and assuming that all of them were in fact motivated by anti-Asian bias, in absolute terms, the number of such assaults is tiny: 421.  To put that number in perspective, if each of those assaults was committed by a separate person, there would have been only one anti-Asian assaulter per 800,000 people, committing only one such assault in a year.  The chance of an Asian suffering an assault at the hands of an anti-Asian bigot would have been considerably less than the chance of being injured taking a bath, and much, much less than the chance of being injured or killed driving a car.

So why is the left so anxious to portray the country as beset by an avalanche of anti-Asian bigotry and violence when the truth is so obviously to the contrary?  There are three reasons.

One reason is power.  The left wants Asians to join blacks and Hispanics as reliable votes for Democrats.  So it wants Asians to believe what it wants (and has largely succeeded in getting) blacks and Hispanics to believe namely, that Republicans and their voters are white supremacists who hate them.  Although this is a lie, and a big one, when it comes to blacks and Hispanics, it is perhaps an even bigger lie when it comes to Asians.  Nonetheless, it has worked to some degree, even with Asians, and so the left keeps repeating it.  


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