How Can They Keep Lying to us about Global Warming When it Keeps Snowing?

Global warming alarmists had to change their warning in the face of their predictions of scorching heat not coming to pass.  So they changed their scary predictions of global warming catastrophe to climate change catastrophe.  Now when it's cold they can say "We've been warning you about climate change and we were right".  Nothing can prove them wrong anymore.  If it's hot that's because of carbon dioxide and if it's cold that too is because of carbon dioxide. 

Climate alarmists don't just come up with excuses for failed predictions.  They also hide the data.  That's another way they can keep lying.  Here is a video by Tony Heller about how the Biden administration hid the data that showed they were wrong.  Some of the data they have hidden is about forest fires.  That way they can just show us data that show forest fires increasing and say that is happening because of global warming.  Global warming alarmists say that heating of the earth will melt glaciers and make sea level rise.  The Biden administration has deleted sea level data as well. 


       Climate alarmists have been hiding data long before the Biden administration deleted it.  That way they can show graphs of data that convince people that they're right.


Why are they doing this?  Why is it so important for climate alarmists to convince us that we are facing climate catastrophe?   

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What about Ocean Acidification?  Doesn't carbon dioxide react with water and form carbonic acid which acidifies the ocean?

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