Doesn't Increased Carbon Dioxide in the Air Increase Extreme Weather?

To understand this video you need to understand that if two places are different in height there is an energy difference between them.  If they can somehow come together to reduce that energy difference they will.  So if a rock for example is on a cliff and you give it a push it will go down to the lower energy level below it.  Likewise if two air masses have different temperatures there will be a force to even out those temperatures which will cause the two air masses to come together.  In the case of air masses there is also a force to separate them because hot air rises above cold air because it's lighter.  When the two masses meet water in the hot air will condense when it is cooled by the air below it leading to rain.  When two air masses with different temperatures collide the motion leads to rain and wind and in extreme cases to tornados and hurricanes.


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