Message to Parents:

Radicals are taking over many of our schools.  Many of us are compelled to pay taxes  for schools to indocrinate our children with revolutionary propaganda when they should be educating them.  This web site was designed to teach children to question the propaganda that they learn in school.  My 9 year old son suggested a way to motivate children to read the web pages on the site.  He suggested that I make a quiz for them to take on each page.  Once they take the quiz the computer will display a certificate that shows that they took the quiz and how they scored which they can show their parents. 

Note to print the certificate they should type ctrl P and make sure that "print background" or "background graphics" is chosen in settings.  The other option is for children simply to show you the certificate on their screen.  For this to work parents need to make a deal with their children that for every quiz they do well on they get a reward.  My children sometimes get a dollar for a quiz and sometimes get a scoop of ice cream depending on what they choose.  This really works, my children come to me and ask me if they can take a quiz.

Every certificate has the title of the page they took the quiz on and their score.  My children voluntarily show me their certificate so they can get a reward.

There are two kinds of questions those with circles in front of the answers and those with squares in front of the answers.  The ones with circles have only one answer.  The ones with squares can have more than one answer but might only have one answer.  Lets say a question has 2 right answers and your child checks the correct boxes but also checks two boxes that are the wrong answer.  In that case your child will get a score of zero on the question even though 2 of the answers were correct.

The table of contents of the web site lists all the pages on the site so children can make sure they didn't miss an opportunity for more rewards.  If a child wants to look up a topic they learned in school, they can do a search on the table of contents page for a keyword by typing CTRL F and entering the keyword.

The site is arranged by topic.  Each The choice of these topics usually come from what my children are being taught in school.  For example my daughter was taught that voter ID wasn't fair.  That falls under the topic of discrimination.  So there will be the topic Discrimination on the first page of the web site.  It will take you to a web page on some aspect of discrimination.  That page will in turn link to another page about another aspect of discrimination which in turn leads to another and so on. 

I've tried to make the web site interesting for children.  Almost every page has a video for them to watch.  Some of the words in the pages are highlighted in yellow.  If your child places the cursor over those words the page will show the definition of the word.

The URL for the website is

You can get to the table of contents by clicking here.  Every page has a link to the table of contents at the bottom as well as a link to the home page.  The link to the home page is a small picture of a school at the bottom of the page.

This website is continually being improved and extended.

My daughter told me that these web pages are unlikely to make much of a difference.  She says that children are told the same thing every day by their teachers and so won't believe me.  The battle we face as parents has to be fought on many fronts this, web site is just a helpful resource.  I have been able to keep my children skeptical of what they learn in school by helping them with their homework and discussing what they are learning in school with them.  I can tell that these pages help by the comments my children make after reading them.

Schools in order to not be white centric have removed some of the best white literature from their curriculum and replaced it with texts that demonize white people and the police and that encourage children to become revolutionary activists. It's up to parents to encourage their children to read the texts that have been taken out of schools.  The summer when children are not in school, may be the best time to do this.  There is the beginning of a list of recommended books on the first page.

One of the challenges of a site like this is that children come in all ages.  Some of the material may be too difficult or advanced for some children.  I've tried to make it as easy as possible but some of the videos were made by adults for adults.  Sometimes I have put definitions of difficult words before the video to help the child understand what is being said.  My children often surprise me with how well they understand what they are reading but they are 9 and 11.  Younger children may need a parent to help them through the pages on the  site.


Please help publicize the site.  Please post about it on social media.  Help in the fight against school indoctrination.