Table of Contents


Are Your Teachers Telling You the Truth?

Does Being White Make You Racist?

Doesn't Increased Carbon Dioxide in the Air Increase Extreme Weather?

Doesn't Police Brutality to Blacks Prove that Whites are Racist?

Don't Whites Owe Blacks Because of White Privilege?

If All Whites are Racist Why did White People Rescue the Vietnamese Boat People?

If America isn't Racist Why Aren't Black People as Successful as White People in America

If Whites in America Aren't all Racist Why are We Told That So Many Are?

Is America a Racist Country?

Is America Systemically Racist?

Is the Earth Heading for Climate Catastrophe?

Message to Children

Message to Parents

Should Tests be Abolished to Help Blacks Succeed?

Should We Abolish Schools for Gifted Children?

Should We Defund the Police?

Shouldn't We Discriminate For Black Americans?

What About Slavery?  Don't Whites Owe Blacks Reparations for Slavery?

Why did Israel Save Africans?

What about Slavery? Don't Whites Owe Black Reparations for Slavery?

What About the Founding Fathers of America, Didn't They Own Slaves?  Weren't They Racist?

Why did White People  Rescue the Vietnamese Boat People?

What is My Gender?