Will Hormones and Surgery Change Me into the Opposite Sex?

Not totally.  Every animal including human animals has the instructions that guided their development stored in packages of DNA called chromosomes.  Every cell in a male other than sperm cells has an X and a Y chromosome.  Every cell in a female other than egg cells have two X chromosomes.  Taking hormones will not change that.  Surgery won't change that either.  Surgery and hormones can't make a man able to give birth to a baby.  One characteristic of males is that they tend to be stronger and bigger than females.  Fully grown males who take female hormones tend to remain stronger than most females.  The result is that transgenders beat most females in sports.  One of the great things about sports is it develops the human spirit.  The competitive spirit encourages people to achieve all they can achieve.  If they can't win no matter how hard they try they lose that competitive spirit and learn to give up.  In the video below women complain about how unfair it is that they are forced to compete against men who took hormones to transition to women.


The following is a video of a high school girls track race that took place in Utah.  If it unfair to keep such competitors out of high school track races?


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