7.12 America, Land of Opportunity

One reason people throughout the world want to come to the United States is that they want the opportunity to become wealthy and successful.  They want to be free.  America is a country where people starting out with nothing have become successful and wealthy.

Mike Pence was the son of an army veteran who operated gas stations.  Mike Pence went to college where he studied and then went to law school.  In the 1990s Mike Pence became a radio and TV talk show host.  He ran for Congress twice and lost both times.  He tried again in 2000 and was elected.  In 2012 he ran for governor of Indiana and won.  Donald Trump chose him to be vice president in 2016. 

In the video below Mike Pence talks about how America is a land of opportunity.  It was a land of opportunity for him.  He also praises former President Donald Trump.  Since so many school teachers hand out materials that attack our former president, I thought it was especially important to show that praise.

An immigrant from Ghana, a country in Africa came to America and became a big success.  He says he couldn't have done it in Ghana.  He talks about it in the video below.


There are people who teach us that America is not a land of opportunity.  They say that America is systemically racist against blacks and that as a result, blacks do not have the opportunity to be successful.  Their proof that America is systemically racist is that sometimes black people die while being arrested by the police.  George Floyd was one such man.  He resisted arrest and fought with police who were trying to get them into a squad car while telling them he couldn't breath.  He did have trouble breathing because he had overdosed on fentanyl.  He had 11 ng/ml in his blood when 3 ng/ml is enough to kill you.  He told the police he wanted to lie on the ground.  They let him do that and then a policeman named Derek Chauvin put his knee on George Floyd's neck which is a restraint method that was taught by the Minneapolis police force.  George Floyd died and people rioted all over the United States. The people who say that America is systemically racist ignore the evidence that it is not.  They ignore the fact that a black man, Barack Obama, was president.  They ignore that a black woman, Oprah Winfrey became one of the wealthiest talk show hosts in America.  They ignore all the black success stories.

One such success story was Nestride Yumga, a very brave woman who immigrated to the United States from Africa and became a health care administrator as well as a senior airman in the air force reserves.  After one of the worst nights of rioting in American history she confronted Black Lives Matter protestors.  She told them that "You are the racists".  She told them that their message of systemic racism is a harmful lie.  She asked them why they didn't protest when black men killed other black men.  She asked why they didn't protest in the city of Chicago where the number of blacks murdered by blacks is particularly high.  She told the Black Lives Matter protestors that they were hypocrites.  Here is a video of her confrontation with Black Lives Matter.



Matthew Guevara's family came to America from Mexico because they believed that America was the land of opportunity.  Matthew was given financial aid to go to college.  While in college he demanded that the American flag be taken down off a wall in the student lounge.  Why did he do that? 

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