12.1 Ancient Greece

The ancient Greek civilization is over 2000 years old but its influence is still being felt today and the contributions of Greek philosophers, mathematicians and scientists are a foundation upon which modern philosophy, math and science rests.  Democracy originated in Greece.  Greek architecture has influenced modern architecture, for an example of this, look at the pictures of the Parthenon and the White House below. 


The Parthenon was a Greek Temple dedicated to the Athena, the goddess of wisdom.  The Parthenon was built in thanks to the Gods for the Greek victory over Persian invaders during the Greco-Persian Wars.    The Parthenon had magnificent sculptures one of them is shown below.

Albert Einstein once said "I have stood on the shoulders of giants" meaning that he was able to make the breakthroughs he made because of the breakthroughs made before him.  Likewise our civilization has stood on the shoulders of Greek civilization.  In the video below we learn about what life was like in Ancient Greece.

The Greeks had many stories involving Gods called myths.  The video below discusses Greek mythology.


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