1.5 Black Racism

I once had a conversation with the principal of my son's school.  He told me that blacks can't be racist.  He learned that from lessons he is required by the Department of Education to take.  He is not the only one who says that. 

This idea was proposed by African American novelist James Baldwin in 1972 who said that “the powerless, by definition, can never be ‘racists.’” Henry Louis Gates, Jr., black chair of Harvard University’s African and African American Studies Department, recognized that this “slogan . . . would all too quickly serve as a blanket amnesty for our own . . . bigotries”.

Henry Louis Gates Jr.

Indeed, currently, “anti-racist campaigners” continue to echo the dictum “Racism equals prejudice plus power.” As a result, the writer John-Paul Pagano explains that “even drooling Jew hatred . . . can get a pass if the antisemite first registers as a victim”. There is plenty of Jew hatred in the black community. 

What makes this Jew hatred especially outrageous is that in the early 20th century, American Jews had been Blacks’ foremost ally in the struggle for integration and racial justice.  Militant blacks instead of appreciating what the Jews did, rationalize that the Jews support was really an insidious way to subjugate blacks.  Muslims subjugate blacks in Africa to this day yet many American blacks ally themselves with the Palestinian Arabs who they see as dark skinned allies against the Jews who the blacks view as racist white colonialists.

The Nation of Islam is a racist anti-semitic Muslim religious group based in the United States. The founder, Fard Muhammad taught Elijah one of his followers that 6,000 years ago, the “evil big-headed scientist” Yacub “grafted” “the white race … out of the black nation,” creating a race of devils.   Fard predicted that Allah would annihilation of the white devils in a lake of fire that would begin in England in retribution for the Balfour Declaration, which promised Palestine to the “false Jews.”  Elijah taught Farrakhan that Jacob, the “master deceiver,” progenitor of the white Jews, created a counterfeit corrupt Torah and replaced God with Satan.  In fashioning the corrupted Torah, the “so-called Jews” had usurped African Americans’ position as “the real chosen people of God”.  “Almighty God Allah revealed that the Black People of America are the Real Children of Israel . . . and . . . unto us He will deliver His Promise.” Addressing Israel’s prime minister, in 2017 Farrakhan warned: “To Israel, Bibi [Netanyahu]: . . . Your desire is to conquer that whole area lying, saying that ‘Abraham promised you.’ He ain’t promised you a damn thing!”

The Tunisian Muslim scholar Ibn Khaldun (1332–1406), one of the foremost “social thinkers” of the Middle Ages—whose views were echoed by many Arab writers—explained that Negroes have little that is essentially human and have attributes that are quite similar to those of dumb animals”—a rationale for racial slavery heard later in the American South. And Arab and Persian writers “frequently associated blacks with apes”

    Both Henry Louis Gates Jr. and John-Paul Pagano were on to something important.  If a group identifies as a victim it can get away with oppressing other people you don't like and victimizing them and silencing them.  This is done a lot by left wing groups.

Kids in school are taught that all whites are racist.  That may explain what black kids did to white kids in Kenwood elementary school in Springfield, Ohio.


Marion Wilson was (maybe still is) the superintendent of schools in Staten Island, New York.  She is accused of sending emails to School Chancellor Banks and other Department of Education (DOE) and city officials.  Two principals took screenshots of those emails and sent them to the New York Post.   No more white principals on my watch!” says one text under Wilson’s name.  “I need to clean up this island,” another text reads. “White folks need to recognize this is not the boys club anymore. A strong black woman runs this bitch now, and they can either get on board or get out. If they don’t get out, I’m going to take them out one by one. They’re not gonna know what hit them. Gonna be fun.”

If blacks can't be racist then Louis Farrakhan the leader of the black Nation of Islam is not a racist.  Here is a short clip of a speech by Louis Farrakhan.


Jill LeCroix, a 57-year-old white grandma of five, was left bleeding with a big gash in her head after she was attacked by three black women on July 9 2022 while riding the city bus in Queens, New York.  The suspects are shown in the picture below.

Jill said:

“Before they hit me, the girl with the green hair said, ‘You probably like Trump! Don’t you?’  “I said, ‘I love him.’ I didn’t see which one hit me first.

“The one with the green hair, she was saying she hates white people, the way they talk, hates white skin, the way their skin cracks. Saying she was gangsta,” said the bartender, who was headed to visit her mother at the time.

“I was the only white person on the bus. By the time we started passing St. John’s Cemetery on Woodhaven, she started in on me, saying, ‘That’s where I’m going to bury you!’  “She said, ‘You’re going to get what you deserve! All white people are going to get what they deserve.’ 

“Never in my life have I been attacked like that,” LeCroix said.

“They said they hate white people.”

“The one with the green hair was the mouth, but they were looking for trouble,” Jill said. “When they got on the back door of the bus, they were laughing, and the one with the pink hair said, ‘Yeah, I kicked that baby stroller!’ ”

In April 2022, Frank James, a black man, set off smoke bombs in a subway in Brooklyn and started shooting people.  He is a black racist who hates white.  How do we know this?  * “O black Jesus, please kill all the whiteys,” James wrote on Facebook

James said:
“The white motherf–kers that I want to kill, you know, I really want to kill them because they’re white,”
“White people and black people as we call ourselves should not have any contact with each other,  Blacks and whites so-called should not even be in the same hemisphere.”

Darrell Edward Brooks crashed his SUV into people at a Christmas parade in Wisconsin.  He was also a black racist.

He wrote, via Twitter: “the old white ppl 2, KNOKK DEM TF OUT!! PERIOD.”

As Andy Ngo observed, Brooks posted this in 2016 on Facebook: “Run them over. Keep traffic flowing & don’t slow down for any of these idiots.”

There has been an increase in violence against Asians in 2021.  One can't help but notice that most of the perpetrators of the violence have been black.  Michelle Malkin speaks about this in the video below.


Here is a video of a black rampage in Chicago that occurred in April 2023.



There are rampages like this in other cities as well.

Noah Green is a black racist.  The US Capitol Police recall that Noah Green drove up to a barricade on April 7, 2021, and charged two officers with a knife before a third fatally shot him.

Green belonged to the anti-white Nation of Islam, led by notorious Jew-hater Louis Farrakhan. In October 2018, via Twitter, he decried “The Satanic Jew.” Farrakhan also said that people “call me an anti-Semite. Stop it, I’m anti-termite!”

“I consider him my spiritual father,” Green said of Farrakhan.  One out of every five blacks in the United States are Muslim. 

Ironically Muslims have enslaved blacks more than any other group.  Even today there are thousands of blacks who are slaves in the Sudan to Muslim masters.

If it is fair that we blame all whites for those whites who enslaved blacks isn't it only fair that we blame all Muslims, including black Muslims, for the Muslims who enslaved blacks?

There are black groups with a history of violence, racism and black supremacism such as the Black Panthers and the Nation of Islam.

Black Lives Matter and people who promote Critical Race Theory are black supremacists.  They want us to believe that black people are better than white people.  Martin Luther King had the following to say about black supremacists when he spoke at the Gobin church on the DePauw University campus in 1960.


Larry Elder is a very smart black conservative who was running for election to be governor of California.  Left wing blacks and whites don't like his opinions and he lost.  One black woman Erika Smith ( a left wing black) attacked him in the Los Angeles Times newspaper.  She accused him of being "The black face of white supremacy".  “He is a danger, a clear and present danger,” said Melina Abdullah (who is black), co-founder of Black Lives Matter Los Angeles.  Senator Sydney Kamlager who is also black said, “I’m not interested in going back to Jim Crow because I want to have a Black person as governor.”  Jim Crow laws segregated black and white people.  Larry Elder has never said he wanted to do that.  Left Wing blacks become racist to other blacks when those other blacks have different political views than they do especially if they are a threat to their power.  Left wing blacks say they are against racism but quite a few of them are racists themselves.  Larry Elder talks about this below.


Black Lives Matter and people who promote Critical Race Theory want us to judge people by their color because they want white people to give money and advantages to black people.  They should be careful what they wish for because if we blamed all black people for their role in white slavery, and their violence toward people of other races and beliefs they wouldn't like that.  Should we do what BLM demands or should we do what Martin Luther King wanted us to do and judge each person by the content of their character? 

The Democrats would have us believe that white supremacy is the biggest problem in the United States but reality is that black supremacy is a bigger problem.

For more reading see https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2023/03/_racebased_hatred_permeates_the_black_population.html

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