5.11 Xi Jinping's War on the Prosperity of the Chinese People

Xi Jinping is a socialist and so is against Chinese capitalists who make money and create wealth.  Chinese who became wealthy have disappeared during his presidency.  One of them Jack Ma founded a company called Alibaba that became China's Amazon.  He spoke out in favor of the free market.  He other people who spoke out for freedom and capitalism or simply became rich have disappeared.  Guo Guanchang became wealthy by making wise investments.  He disappeared.

Zhou Chengjian became wealthy off his fashion business.  He criticized the Chinese government for not allowing freedom of speech.  He said that China should have let the people who knew to speak up about the Corona virus and that doing so would have saved lives.  He disappeared.  Saying that made the Chinese government look bad and the Chinese will not tolerate anyone who says anything, no matter how true, that makes it look bad and threatens its power.

Ren Zhiqiang became wealthy from his investments in real estate.  He disappeared.

Jack Ma the creator of Alibaba (the Chinese Amazon) disappeared because he was for  free market capitalism became very rich and powerful and complained about regulation by the Chinese government.  The Chinese government does not tolerate any criticism however deserved which is why he disappeared.  He reappeared later a much changed Jack Ma who no longer criticized the government.

The result of making wealthy people disappear is that other business people will be afraid to run businesses that make money.  They will be afraid to create wealth.  This can only hurt the Chinese economy.  Freedom and a strong economy go together. 

In fact foreign investors are fleeing China.  Many Chinese businessmen want to flee the country but Xi Xinping won't let them.  They are trying to leave because Xi's crackdown on businesses is making it impossible to do business.  Foreign companies are leaving China giants like Panasonic, Samsung, Toshiba, Foxconn for a total of about 20,000 companies. Foreign billionaires and investors are leaving the Chinese stock market because of Xi's crackdown.  Palki Sharma talks about this below.


Larry Kudlow hosts a TV program on the Fox Business network.  In this episode he talks about Xi Jinping.  He mentions that Xi Jinping was dressed in a Mao suit.  Mao was a dictator of China who killed millions of Chinese.  Mao's socialist and dictatorial policies ruined the economy of China while he was in power.  Xi is going back to some of Mao's policies.


In the video below we learn more about the collapse of China's economy under Xi Jinping.  One reason the risky investments failed is probably government policies like spending enormous amounts of money on building up the Chinese military or arresting people who make money.  China's move to socialism and totalitarianism is destroying the Chinese economy.  Children are taught in many American schools that socialism is a good thing and capitalism is a bad thing but like in China, every time socialism has been tried it has led to disaster.


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What was it like for people living in China as China changed under Xi Jinping.  To hear personal testimony of someone who lived there

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