4.11 Censorship of Climate Skeptics

There is censorship of people who challenge the belief that we are facing impending climate doom.  On October 7 2021 Google announced that it will disallow (turn off) advertisers, publishers, and YouTube creators’ ability to make money off content that denies the existence of climate change.  In September 2021 I posted a link to the global warming articles on this website on Facebook and it was taken down shortly thereafter because Facebook also censors information casting doubt on global warming. Facebook did allow John Stossel to post a video complaining about censorship here

Here is the video of Mr. Stossel that was censored.  He starts the video by listing things that we have been warmed would kill us including global warming.  One thing he left out was global cooling.  In the 1970s scientists predicted we would freeze.  Mr. Stossel shows a graph that shows the temperature is rising but Tony Heller has shown that the temperature data has been altered to exaggerate how much warming is occuring.  There is a lesson about that on this site.  Mr. Stossel shows a lot of people saying that we only have 12 years left to combat climate change.  There have been a lot of scary climate predications that haven't come to pass, there is a lesson this web site about that as well.  Climate alarmists, when their predictions don't come to pass, make another even scarier predictions.


If people are being censored how do we know if there is a consensus or not?

In November 2009 someone leaked emails from the Climate Research Unit of the University of East Anglia which is located in Norwich England.  One of the emails was sent by a scientist named Tom Wigley, who wrote that his fellow scientists “must get rid of” the editor of a science journal because he published some papers saying that there was no global warming crisis.  That is censorship.  What's strange is that he also wrote to another climate scientist Michael Mann “Mike, The Figure you sent is very deceptive ... there have been a number of dishonest presentations of model results by individual authors and by IPCC.”  Why would someone who admits the results are dishonest want to get rid of an editor who challenges the results?

One scientist named Peter Thorne wrote an email that the majority of the evidence did not show global warming in the troposphere.  He wrote “I ... think the science is being manipulated to put a political spin on it."

Peter Thorne hit the nail on the head.  Scientists with political agendas are not being honest about the climate.  Scientists who want to scare us about approaching climate doom are not being honest with us.  One agenda scientists have is to keep being paid.  They get their money as research grants from the government.  It they keep the goernment terrified of approaching climate catastrophe the government will keep giving them grants so that they will help avert that catastrophe.  In addition the government may want the public to be alarmed about impending climate catastrophe so that it can collect more taxes by taxing carbon dioxide emissions.  There are plenty of reason for people like John Cook and president Obama to tell us that we face climate catastrophe and they have nothing to do with the climate.

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