6.12 How Do We Know if Someone is Transgender or Just Confused?

How likely is it that someone who says they are a different gender than their biological sex is wrong?  One way to answer that question is to ask, how likely is it that people are wrong in general. 

There is a condition where people who are thin believe they are fat.  That condition is called Anorexia.

There is a condition where people who have all their limbs intact believe they are handicapped or want to be handicapped and who some cases mutiliate themselves so that they are handicapped.  That condition is called Body Integrity Identity Disorder.  Activists call this Transableism. 

Could transgenderism be just another mental condition?  Could they just be confused?

Dr. Michelle Cretella answers that question in the video below.  In the video she mentions the tyrannical enforcement of newspeak at college campuses.  Newspeak is a word invented by George Orwell in his novel 1984.  She is referring to how you are not allowed to use certain words on college campuses because some people might find them offensive.  An entire lesson on this site discusses George Orwell's novel.  One transgender activist accused Dr. Cretella of being the leader of skinheads of pediatricians.  Skinheads shave their hair to be very short and are thought of as aggressive radical racist bigots.  Doctors who disagree with Dr. Cretella say you can know if someone is transgender if they insist that they are.  There are plenty of people who have delusions that they are something that they are not.  Dr. Michelle Cretella says that if you say the truth that men have testes and women have ovaries you are labeled as a bigot who hates trans people.

In her video Michelle talks about the cases of identical twins where one says they are the opposite sex trapped in a body and the other doesn't.  Twins are genetically identical.  If there was a gene that coded for "trapped woman" they would both have it.  So the belief of one of being a trapped woman is a learned belief, it is not based on genetics. 



What is Social Contagion and what does it have to do with gender confusion?

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