The Inflation Reduction Act


The Biden administration has the delusional idea that increasing taxes will reduce inflation.  The idea is that instead of printing money he will get the money by taxing.  When has taxing ever helped the economy?  The problem is, inflation doesn't just depend on the money supply, it also depends on productivity, taxing corporations lowers their productivity.  Not only that but throwing away that tax money to fight liberal fantasies of impending climate doom when China is about to invade Taiwan and Russia is invading the Ukraine is suicidal.

The term tax and spend democrat describes the democrat solution to problems and it always makes them worse.

weaponizing the IRS and the lie of only people making more than 400K will be taxed.

The inflation reduction act will at most reduce the temperature of the earth by 0.03 degrees farenheight by the year 2100. 

The Democrats create a phony crisis and then tell voters, you need to vote for us to save you from climate doom. They spend over 300 billion of taxpayer dollars in an inflation reduction act and say "see, I'm saving you from climate catastrophe unlike that devil Trump, vote for me. Ignore that man behind the curtain when he points out that bankrupting America will at most cool the planet by 300th of a degree farenheit by the end of the century. Cancel him". Shifting to expensive energy will simply shift what little manufacturing we have left to China which has no pollution controls. Coal plants in China will spout real pollution and black smoke into the atmosphere. Bankrupting America will mean a weaker America which means our enemies will start wars and warm the planet with their bombs.