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Lesson List
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Whiteness: Does Being White Make You Racist?

1.1 Does Being White Make You Racist?

1.2 Critical Race Theory

1.3 Critical Race Theory Equity and Equal Opportunity

1.4 Does Being Black Mean You are Better Than Whites?

1.5 Black Racism

1.6 Black Jewish Friendship and Black Anti-Semitism

1.7 Why did Israel Save Africans?

1.8 Why Do People Say that Israel Oppresses Arabs?

1.9 Causes of Anti-Semitism

1.10 Intersectionality

1.11 Who are the Real Oppressors and Who are the Real Oppressed?

1.12 What Group Did the Most to End Slavery Around the World?

1.13 The Fight Against Modern Slavery Part 1

1.14 The Fight Against Modern Slavery Part 2

1.15 If Whites Aren't Racist Why did the British Engage in the Slave Trade?

1.16  Do Black Lives Matter to Black Lives Matter?

1.17 Should They Graduate At the Top of Their Class?

1.18 The Alien Who Wanted to Bring Peace to Earth

1.19 Confused White Men Discuss Their Wokeness

1.20 Equity Versus Opportunity

II America and Racism: Is America a Racist Country?

2.1 Is America a Racist Country?

2.2 Is the American Left Racist?

2.3 Is America Systemically Racist to Blacks?

2.4 Doesn't Police Brutality to Blacks Prove that Whites are Racist?

2.5 What is the Opinion of the Man on the Street about Defunding the Police?

2.6 What About the Founding Fathers of America, Didn't They Own Slaves?

2.7 If America isn't Racist Why Aren't Black People as Successful as White People in America?

2.8 Why do Blacks Underperform Whites as a Group?

2.9 Doesn't the Achievement Gap Prove Racism?

2.10 What do Whites and Blacks Believe About White Privilege?

2.11 Are Blacks Oppressed in America?

2.12 If America is Systemically  Racist Why do Asians Do So Well?

2.13 Black Privilege

2.14 If Whites in America Aren't all Racist Why are We Told That So Many Are?

2.15 Wokeness

2.16 Lessons From the Taliban

2.17 Columbus, Brave Discoverer or Inhumane Monster?

2.18 The Good Settlers

2.19 Are People Who Oppose Muslim Immigration Racist?

2.20 Hijab, Freedom or Oppression

2.21 Is Islam a Religion of Peace?

2.22 Ying Ma Speaks Out Against Black Racism Toward Asians

2.23 Teaching Howard Zinn Instead of History

III Discrimination: Should we Discriminate in Favor of Blacks and Against Whites?

3.1 Shouldn't We Discriminate For Black Americans to Make up for Past Discrimination Against Them?

3.2 Don't Whites Owe Blacks Because of White Privilege?

3.3 What About Slavery?  Don't Whites Owe Blacks Reparations for Slavery?

3.4 Should Tests be Abolished to Help Blacks Succeed?

3.5 Should We Abolish Schools for Gifted Children?

3.6 Is Voter ID Fair?

3.7 How a Law is Made

3.8 Who Wants Us to Think Voter ID Isn't Fair and Why?

3.9 Zimbabwe, A Lesson About Why Discriminating on the Basis of Race is a Huge Mistake

IV Climate: Is the Earth Heading for Climate Catastrophe?

4.1 Is the Earth Heading for Climate Catastrophe?

4.2 How Can They Continue to Lie About Global Warming When it Snows in Spring?

4.3 Global Warming and the Polar Vortex

4.4 What About Rising Sea Level Isn't that Proof of Man Made Global Warming?

4.5 What About the Record Rise in Temperature.  Isn't That Proof of Man Made Global Warming?

4.6 What About Ocean Acidification?

 4.7 Wouldn't Electric Cars, Windmills, and Solar Panels be Better for the Environment?

4.8 How Much Land Does Green Energy Require?

4.9 What About Record Breaking Hurricanes and Tornados and Floods, Don't They Prove Global Warming is an Emergency?

4.10 If Global Warming is Wrong, Why do so Many Scientists Say it is Right?

4.11 Censorship of Climate Skeptics

4.12 If Climate Change Isn't a Problem Why is Tuvalu Sinking?

4.13 What about the Dying Walruses and Polar Bears? Doesn't that Prove Global Warming?

4.14 Why is it so Important for Climate Alarmists to Convince us that we are Facing Climate Catastrophe?

4.15 Russia and the Environmentalists

4.16 China and Climate Change

4.17 The Keystone XL Pipeline, Black Snake or Deliverer of Prosperity?

4.18 Is Greenland Melting?

4.19 The Disastrous Consequences of Green Hysteria

4.20 The New Climate Bogey Man, Nitrous Oxide

4.21 The Carbon Dioxide song

4.22 Chicken Little and Climate Change

4.23 How Much Carbon Dioxide is Man Made?

4.24 The Coming Ice Age

4.25 What about Wildfires, Aren't They Caused by Global Warming?

4.26 Can We Stop Climate Change?

V Economics : Why Doesn't the Government Just Print More Money and Give it to Everyone?

5.1 Why Doesn't the Government Print More Money?

5.2 What's Wrong with Redistributing the Wealth?

5.3 Does Bad Management Make Socialist Countries Poor?

5.4 Wouldn't Socialism be better than Capitalism if it was Democratic and Free?

5.5 Doesn't Capitalism Make the Poor Poorer and the Rich Richer?

5.6 Doesn't Capitalism Pollute the Environment and Rob the People?

5.7 Does Automation Destroy Jobs?

5.8 Won't Government Spending Programs Create More Jobs?

5.9 Why is China's Economy so Good?  Isn't it a Socialist Communist Country?

5.10 The End of Chinese Freedom

5.11 Xi Jinping's War on the Prosperity of the Chinese People

5.12 Are Capitalists Evil and Greedy?

5.13 Is Greed Bad?

5.14 The Ant and the Grasshopper

5.15 The Consumer Price Index

5.16 Financial Bubbles

5.17 The Federal Reserve

5.18 Are President Biden's Policies Causing Inflation?

5.19 Why Not Cap Prices and Subsidize Businesses to Bring Prices Down for Everyone?

5.20 Socialized Medicine

VI: Gender:  Is Transgender Surgery the Solution to My Problems?

6.1 Should I Take Hormones and Puberty Blockers?

6.2 Why do People Transition?

6.3 Why Don't Adults Speak Out Against Transitioning More?

6.4 When Dads Try and Protect Their Daughters From Transitioning

6.5 Will Hormones and Surgery Change Me into the Opposite Sex?

6.6 How Luka and Helena Were Persuaded to Transition

6.7 What It's Like to Transition

6.8 Advice From a Person Who De-Transitioned

6.9 Who Encourages People to Transition and Why?

6.10 What is a Woman

6.11 Why Michelle Cretella says that the Transgender Lie is Child Abuse

6.12 How Do We Know if Someone is Transgender or Just Confused?

6.13 Social Contagion

6.14 Why Not Call a He a Her?

6.15 The Identity Lie

6.16 Comedian Bill Maher Speaks About the Transgender Craze

6.17 How a Mother Saved Her Child From Her Transgender Delusion

6.18 How Did Transgenderism Start and Where is it Heading?

6.19 Pronouns

VII American Greatness: Is There Anything Good About America?

7.1 The Statue of Liberty

7.2 God Bless America

7.3 The Rescue of the Vietnamese Boat People

7.4 Lessons From Cuba

7.5 Fighting Terrorists

7.6 Why Miss Iraq Supports America and Israel

7.7 The Free Market America and Hong Kong

7.8 The Courage to Speak

7.9 Courageous Kids Speak Up

7.10 Brave Adults Speak Up

7.11 North Korean Refugee to the U.S. Warns that We Are Losing Our Freedom

7.12 America, Land of Opportunity

7.13 The American Flag

7.14 What is Special About the U.S. Constitution?

7.15 The Bill of Rights

VIII Sexism: Are American Men Prejudiced Against Women?

8.1 Feminism

8.2 The Wage Gap

8.3 Feminism and Islam


IX Israel:  Is Israel an Oppressor Country?

9.1 Who is the Oppressor and Who is the Oppressed?

9.2 Who is Occupying Whom?

9.3 Don't the Palestinians have the Right to be Free?

9.4 Is Israel an Apartheid State?

9.5 Does Israel Kill Palestinian Babies?

9.6 Israel Rescues Ukranian Orphans

9.7 Causes of Anti-Semitism

9.8 What Songs Teach Us About the Middle East

9.9 Lessons About the Middle East from San Diego's House of Pacific Relations

9.10 Heroes and Heroins of Israel: Spies

9.11 Heroes and Heroines of Israel: The Israeli Military and the Valley of Tears

9.12 Heros and Heroines of Israel: The Israeli Special Forces and the Sabena Rescue

9.13 The Air France Hijacking

9.14 The Entebbe Rescue

X The Attack on America From Within and Without

10.1 State Sponsored School Indoctrination

10.2 Brainwashing U

10.3  Do Young Women's Lives Matter?  Warning: Disturbing information about black on white crime.

10.4 Copaganda

10.5 Cancel Culture

10.6 The Most Cancelled Person in America

10.7 If You Simply Quote what Leftists Say You Won't be Cancelled Right?

10.8 Cancelling Trump

10.9 Allen West Talks about Americas Loss of the Victor Mentality

10.10 Black Lives Matter Reacts to Allen West's Speech at the University of Buffalo

10.11 Equity and Bail

10.12 1984

10.13 A Harvard Student on the Need to Speak Up

10.14 The Voyage of the Damned

10.15 The Leftist Takeover of Country Music

10.16 The Laptop from Hell

10.17 Leftist Intimidation

10.18 The Leftist War Against Brandon Straka

10.19 TikTok

10.20 Voter Fraud

10.21 What do Trump and Biden Say About Voter Fraud?

10.22 Voter Suppression

10.23 The Theft of the 2020 Election

10.24 The January 6 Insurrection That Wasn't

10.25 Are Democrats More Caring Than Conservatives

10.26 How Democrats Brainwash as Told by a Former Democrat


XI  Science

11.1 Why is Hawaii in the Middle of the Pacific and 2000 Miles Away From the Nearest Land?

11.2 How the Earth was Shown to Be Round

11.3 The Discovery that the Earth Rotates Around the Sun

11.4 Nerves

11.5 The Brain

XII History and Current Events

12.1 Ancient Greece

12.2 The Thanksgiving Holiday

12.3 Ukraine

XIII Mathematics

13.1 Angles and Parallel Lines

 XIV Abortion

14.1 Abortion: Arguments For and Against

14.2 Keeping the Baby, A Story of Life and Love

XV Drugs

15.1 Marijuana, Your Brain, Your Lungs and Your Life

15.2 The Effect of Marijuana on People Who Don't Take It

15.3 The Legalization of Marijuana

15.4 Bioengineered Marijuana

15.5 Fentanyl

15.6 Tranq

15.7 Ending America's Drug Problem

15.8 Chasing the Drug Dragon

15.9 The Sheriff of Mendocino County Speaks


16.1 Is Islam a Religion of Peace?

16.2 The Joy of Being Conquered By Islam

16.3 Dhimmitude

16.4 The Armenian Genocide and The Fall of Smyrna

16.5 Islam and Honor Killings

16.6 The Islamic Genocide of Christians in Nigeria That is Taking Place Now

16.7 Islam and France

16.8 Forgetting the Lessons of September 11


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