2.7 If America Isn't Racist Why Aren't Black People as Successful as White People in America?

Many black people are more successful than many white people in America.  Oprah Winfrey is richer than the majority of white people in America.  Barack Obama when he was president had more power than every white person in America. 

Many black children don't perform as well in school as white children do.  So why do black children perform less well than whites?  Is it because of racism?  We can find the answer out when we realize that there are black children who outperform many white children.  The Success Academy in Harlem has mostly black students.  They outperform most of the white students in New York City. 

What reasons can you find in the video below that could explain why black students in Success Academy do so well.


One big reason that charter schools often outperform public schools is that charter schools can suspend and expel disruptive and dangerous bullies.  Public school teachers often are not allowed to expel such students.  The people who block expulsion from public schools say more blacks are suspended than whites and that's discrimination.  They say that restorative justice programs in which disruptive children are made to realize the harm they are doing and asked how they can fix the damage should be used instead of suspension.  They say restorative justice programs will make the disruptive student stop being disruptive and dangerous.  The problem is that restorative justice programs don't work.  Children who are suspended may not reform but at least they can't prevent other children from learning while they are suspended.  

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Are there other reasons that many black people don't perform as well as whites?

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