7.4 Lessons From Cuba

Cuba is a communist country that is about 90  miles south of Florida.  People who flee dictatorships like Cuba appreciate the freedom we have in the United States.  Many have risked their lives by getting into small boats in the ocean to escape to the United States.  .

Here is the story of an inventor named Luis who escaped Cuba.  He invented a machine that allowed him to make sweet drinks for tourists.  The Communist government of Cuba took it away because communism is against private property and believes it should be owned by the government.  The idea is that then all property is owned by the people and shared equally.

Many Cubans want America to embargo Cuba to weaken the government.  The U.S. first imposed an embargo on the sale of arms to Cuba on March 14, 1958.  In 1960 U.S. placed an embargo on exports to Cuba except for food and medicine after Cuba nationalized American-owned Cuban oil refineries without compensation. On February 7, 1962, the embargo was extended to include almost all exports.  Democrats especially those who support Communism say the people in Cuba are unhappy because of the embargo but the Cubans want the embargo until their government is overthrown.  The Cubans want freedom. 

In the video below Cubans explain what communism is.  Communism appeals to people because it says that everything should be free to everyone.  Everything should be shared.  How is it shared?  The government takes it and then shares some of it.  One benefit the Cuban government shares is free health care for all.  That's one reason the American left likes Cuba.  However the Cuban people in the video below explain that Cuban health care is very poor and there isn't much of it.  This is what generally happens when the government shares something.  The people in the video also show a picture of a person with an X through it and tell us "See this guy, he not a hero".  That guy is Che Guevera a man who many of the American left thinks was a great revolutionary. 


The Democrat Biden administration is letting people pour across our southern border.  Yet it tells the Cubans that they can't escape to America. 

According to the New York Post:

Customs and Border Protection agents on the southern border are literally reaching out to help illegals wade across the Rio Grande. But under orders from Biden, the Coast Guard is capturing Cubans heading for America in dinghies and rickety rafts and depositing them back on their island’s totalitarian shores.   Floridians with seaworthy craft are assembling flotillas to sail just outside the 3-mile mark around Cuba. But Homeland Security is warning that if they rescue Cuban defectors and bring them to America, they will face $250,000 fines and five years in prison. Should they let their freedom-seeking brethren drown instead? The Biden administration is probably doing this because the people who pour across our southern border generally vote Democrat while Cubans generally vote Republican.

In the video below the speaker mentions Marxism.  Karl Marx was the inventor of Communism.  Karl Marx believed that property shoud be shared.  People who believe that Karl Marx was right are called Marxists.  The leaders of Black Lives Matter who want money that whites have are Marxist.  They are against capitalism because they see capitalism as resulting in whites having more money.


In the video below actor Kevin Sorbo suggests young American leftists go to Cuba and other communist countries to evaluate their opinion that socialism is better than capitalism.


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The United States fought against terrorists and evil regimes and liberated their victims.

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