15.4 Bioengineered Marijuana

Today's marijuana is much more potent than yesterdays and much more dangerous. Yesterday's marijuana was known to harm kids and today kids are smoking today's marijuana.  A narrator mentions Woodstock in the video below.  The Woodstock Music and Art Fair in White Lake, New York, was held on Aug 15-18 on a 600 acre farm.  Weed (marijuana) was in better supply than water.  30 doctors had to be brought to Woodstock, mostly because of drug overdoses. This was before the super potent marijuana of today.

Tetrahydrocannabinol commonly known as THC is the active ingredient in marijuana.  Marijuana plants have been bioengineered to have much higher concentrations of THC than they used to have.

In 2012 the states of Colorado and Washington legalized marijuana use.  They were the first.  Colorado was known for being a safe and beautiful state that attracted people who loved to hike in the beautiful outdoors. Here are 2 photos of the great outdoors in Colorado.

 After legalization Colorado attracted marijuana users and became dangerous.  That was discussed in the previous lesson.  Not only did it increase the crime rate it also affected children.  Once marijuana is legal children get it.  There was a marijuana festival in Seattle, Washington where very young children were given marijuana.

There are many other drugs besides marijuana in the United States and although chemically they are different many of their bad effects are the same.  They can make people paranoid, and they can damage their brains.  Some like fentanyl can kill. 

Far more people die from overdosing on fentanyl than overdosing on marijuana.  That doesn't mean that marijuana isn't dangerous or that it doesn't lead to death.  Here is a list of some of the ways marijuana is dangerous.

1)  Marijuana can kill people by getting them into car accidents.
2) Marijuana can make people suicidal and psychotic.
3) Marijuana increases the chances that people will be violent.
4) Marijuana like other drugs leads to people being killed in gang wars.
5) Marijuana has led to people being killed who stumbled on illegal marijuana farms in the woods.
6) Poisons used at illegal marijuana farms in California have entered streams and killed wildlife.
7) Cannabis increases the chances of stroke and heart failure.
8) Children unknowingly eat treats containing ultrahigh doses of THC and some couldn't breath afterwards.
9) Marijuana impairs brain development in children.
10) There are reports of marijuana being laced with fentanyl and fentanyl overdoses kill.


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Other drugs are often spiked with Fentanyl.  Percocet spiked with fentanyl killed the children of Rebecca Kiessling who testified before congress about it.  You can see an interview with Rebecca and learn more about fentanyl by

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