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Message to Parents:

Abraham Lincoln once said “The philosophy of the school room in one generation will be the philosophy of government in the next.” The radical left realizes this and is going after our children in schools.  Parents are the obstacle for leftist brainwashing of children so leftist teachers and administrators of schools and colleges are turning children against their parents.  We are facing a very serious situation with schools that want to convert our children into radical left wing and trans-sexual activists.  I've included below a message from Elana Fishbein founder of the organization No Left Turn in Education, who speaks about the targetting of children in schools by the left. 


Elana predict's we'll see our children in a violent left wing mob.  Here is a video where that happened.


As a result of her noble efforts Elana Fishbein has been designated a domestic terrorist by the Biden administration.  She talks about it here with Tucker Carlson.

The radical left has become convinced that not affirming a child's belief that their gender is different than their biological sex is child abuse.  As a result they won't inform parents if their children have been manipulated in school to think that.  Parents are treated as abusers by radical leftwing judges and separated from their children because of this madness.  Girls who identify as boys and use the boys bathrooms are sometimes sexually assaulted in those bathrooms.  That is the real abuse.  A mother tells of what happened to her daughter Sage, a victim of leftist trans abuse, in the video below.


Schools in order to promote tolerance of homosexual behavior confuse children about their sexual identity.  Hunterdon Central Regional High School in Flemington, NJ held a student drag show during school in December 2022 in which select staff were invited to students perform in drag. Students got class time off to prepare for the show and get dressed up in makeup and drag. In the video below we see one of the parents who showed up at a board meeting express his opinions about what the school is doing.

Why are schools and libraries hosting drag school story hours?


Rachel Campos Duffy is the mother of 9 children who found out how radical the lessons were that her children were being taught when Covid forced them to learn from home.  She speaks about it in the video below.


My way of coping with extreme left wing propaganda in my children's schools was to create online lessons to teach my children to question what they learn in school and to expose them to information that is being left out by their schools.  These lessons are most suitable for ages 10 and up.  I did include a list of other sites some of which are suitable for younger children.  You can view the list of those sites by clicking here.  This online curriculum is free for everyone.  The lessons have condensed video clips by some of the best experts on the different topics and added explanatory texts.  I unexpectedly have learned a lot by doing this.  The lessons are full of history that I didn't know.  Although the original intent was to counter propaganda a side benefit is that my children are learning a lot of science and history and most importantly they are learning to think critically about what they are being taught in school.  This site can be used as a home schooling resource.  There is one payment I do ask for.  Help me publicize this site.  Post it on Facebook.  Let people know about it.

I asked my son what he thought would motivate children to learn the online lessons.   He suggested that I make a quiz for them to take on each page.  Once they take the quiz the computer will display a certificate that shows that they took the quiz and how they scored which they can show their parents.  Then their parents can reward them for it.  Of course he wants rewards every time he takes a lesson and I give one to him.  Usually it's a dollar or a treat.  It's a lot cheaper than private school and a lot of private schools indoctrinate as much as the public schools do anyway.  So far my children have not been brainwashed by their schools, probably as a result of these lessons.  Since this arrangement has worked for my children I encourage other parents who are worried about their children being indoctrinated to consider using these lessons and giving rewards for taking them the way I do.  One caveat, the majority of lessons here are appropriate for children 10 years old - adults.  These lessons teach information that many adults are unaware of so there is no maximum age for these lessons.  I think they would be difficult for children younger than 10.  I think the best way to protect younger children is to homeschool them or send them to a school that isn't woke.

The major topics of the lessons are listed on the home page of this web site.  You can see a list of all the lessons by clicking here.

Some of the words on the lesson pages are highlighted in yellow.  If your child places the cursor over those words the page will show the definition of the word.

This website is continually being improved and extended.

Some of these lesson were written to keep children from choosing a path that would be harmful to them such as taking drugs.  The only way to write those lessons is to educate them about the harm drugs have done to those who have taken them.  That is disturbing and depressing information.  It's up to parents to screen these lessons before showing them to their children. 

Kali Fontinella was a teacher who quit because of CRT.  In the video below she gives advice to parents about what they can do to keep their children from being indoctrinated.  One of her suggestions is supplemental lessons.  That's what this site is all about.


The radical left doesn't believe in parental rights.  They believe that they have a right to indoctrinate children and hide that indoctrination from children's parents.  They correctly see the family as protection of children against their indoctrination.  Here is a trailer for a movie called "Whose Children Are They?"


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