2.27 Are Liberals More Caring Than Conservatives?


Democrats are generally for more government spending on social programs and welfare than conservatives are.  For that reason many people believe that Democrats are for the little guy and that Republicans are greedy rich people.  John Stossel discusses the question of who are more generous, Democrats or Republicans?


Mark Dice finds out how generous people who say we should give more money to black people really are.  He mentions reparations.  The idea that whites should give reparations to blacks means todays whites should give money to todays blacks to make up for what some white people who lived over a hundred of years ago did to blacks who lived over a hundred years ago.

How can Republicans be more generous than Democrats yet Democrats be for more government spending for the poor than Republicans are?  If the government spends more on the poor it has to get the money from somewhere and that somewhere includes Democrats.  One reason Democrats are for government spending is they believe the money will be taken from the rich.  That's what Democratic candidates tell them they will do, tax the rich.   Many Democrats are for social spending as long as they don't have to pay for it which is what we saw in the video above.   If Mark Dice hadn't asked them to donate their own money people watching the video would have thought that these were kind generous and caring people.  Maybe one reasons they said the blacks should be given such large reparations is they wanted to look like good generous people in the video.  There is still another reason many Democrats may be for more government spending and that is that they think they will get the money.  Democratic candidates have often told college students that they won't have to pay back their college debt  if the students vote for them.  Students often get into enormous debt paying for college and saw that's a strong incentive to vote for a Democratic candidate.  The students may think that the rich will wind up paying their debts but in the end everyone does including people who didn't go to college.

What generally happens when a Democrat politician is elected is that he can't get enough money from the rich to pay for the gigantic social programs he or she promised.  In the end everyone pays for it.  They may not pay for it in taxes, they may pay for it in the purchasing power of their dollars being transferred to the government as the government prints money.  That is called inflation and what is happening in 2022 during the Biden administration.  The Democrats say that they are for the poor but inflation hurts the poor the most.  The poor find that the little money they have can't buy their necessities anymore. 

Another problem that people who vote for Democrats don't appear to realize is that when companies are taxed they have less money left to hire people.  They also have less money to pay taxes and if there is less tax money there is less money to pay for welfare.  Conservatives want people to have the opportunity to grow their businesses and do well, they want people to have the opportunity to become rich and create jobs for everyone, they want the dollar to have a lot of purchasing power and that benefits the poor.

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