1.14 Fighting Modern Day Slavery
 Part 2

Dr. Charles Jacob speaks below about fighting modern day slavery.  He starts by saying he will say the most politically incorrect sentence imaginable.  A politically incorrect sentence is one that will offend a group of people and that is considered unacceptable to say by many people.  He also talks about chattel slaves.  That means owning people as if they are a piece of property you can sell.  One of the things he says is that Muslim overran and occupied Mauritania and converted the Mauritanians to Islam.  .  We often hear about how Israel is occupying Muslim land but what we don't hear is how Muslims are occupying native African land or how they are occupying Israeli land.  Dr. Jacob tells how Muslims are making women into concubines.  Concubines are like wives except they are treated as inferior to a wife and are slaves to the man.  Dr. Jacob talks about people fleeing Jihad.  Jihad in this case is Islamic holy war against the non-believer.


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During World War II and afterwards the British limited the number of Jews who could enter what was then called Palestine because the Arabs didn't want the Jews to escape to Palestine and the British were afraid the Arabs would join the Nazis.  This was very bad because Jews were being killed all over Europe by the Nazis and needed a place to flee to.  This is an example of how white men oppressed Jews.  Many British were opposed to this policy.  Prior to World War 2 the British participated in the slave trade.  Many British were opposed to that as well.


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