10.1 State Sponsored School Indoctrination


John Stossel made the frightening video below about indoctrination of Critical Race Theory in our schools.  He starts by explaining that CRT says that racism is endemic to America.  John Stossel shows us that school officials deny that they are teaching CRT.  That is most likely because parents are angry about it.  Mr. Stossel tells us about Asra Nomani,who filed Freedom of Information Act requests that forced school districts to reveal that not only do they teach CRT but that they are paying consultants to spread Critical Race Theory  in schools.  Schools get their money from the tax payer including the parents who don't want them teaching CRT.



Left wing indoctrination in our schools goes beyond CRT.  My daughter's public school teachers her that socialism is good, that capitalism only helps the rich, that Donald Trump is evil incarnate and so forth. 

Left wing indoctrination isn't only bad for the mental health of children.  It convinces many that they are of a different sex and results in their mutiliating themsleves through operations and hormone therapy in order to change to that sex.  It convinces people who go to law school that when they become attorneys they should let criminals out of jail because keeping criminals in jail is racist.  That results in dead kids.  It convinces people to vote for politicians like Biden who open the border to drug smugglers.  Many people die of drug overdoses in the United States as a result.

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