8.3 Why Don't Western Feminists Protest the Oppression of Women in the Islamic World?

There is an enormous amount of oppression of women in the Islamic world especially infidel women.  You can read about that by clicking here.  Radical Muslims groups like ISIS and the Taliban believe that Allah permits them to take infidel women they capture in war as slaves.  They got that idea from the Koran which is a book the Muslims believe is the word of God.  According to Islam if you fight to spread Islam you get rewarded with the infidels you capture as slaves and the property of the infidel.  In Muhammad's time some of the warriors had to give the prettiest girls they captured to him as well as a portion of the infidel property they looted. 

As I write this page on August 2021, the Taliban is taking over Afghanistan.  They have ordered local imams to give them lists of women from 12 years old up to 45 years old for their soldiers to take as wives as rewards for fighting.  Can anyone imagine what it would be like if Jihadis walked into their apartment and carried off their 12 year sister to some unknown location to be never seen again to become be a sex slave to a fanatic jihadi?  I haven't seen any million women marches for the Afghan women but at least organizations such as the National Organization of Women are making an effort to help.

Shariah law is Islamic law.  According to Shariah if a woman has a relationship with a man outside of marriage she should be stoned to death.  If was forced into that relationship against her will and can't prove it then she is assumed to be guilty.  Here is a report of that happening in Somalia to a 13 year old girl and here is another report about that happening to a 19 year old woman in Pakistan. 

Wafa Sultan is a real feminist.  She grew up in Syria.  She was interviewed by Bill Whittle at CPAC which is the largest annual gathering of conservatives in the world.  You can see part of the interview below. 

In the video Wafa Sultan spoke about women being brainwashed.  Some women are so brainwashed they became Islamic policewomen who oppress other Muslim women.  This video is about that.

Lauren Southern is a very brave real feminist from Canada.  She went up to women who were marching for women's rights and asked them about women's rights and Islam.   One of the things Lauren mentions is driving cars into people.  There have been several times that Muslims have driven their cars into non-Muslim people as part of their war against the infidel. 

Why do the women in this video show more concern for their Muslim sisters?  One reason may be that Muslim women in the United States don't show that concern.  Many of them are brainwashed by Islam and claim they are not oppressed and that Islam is wonderful.  Another reason may be that Western feminists are afraid their claims of oppression will look ridiculous if people compare how they are treated to the way Muslim women are treated.  Finally western women may be afraid of angering Muslims.  Having said that NOW, the National Organization of Women is trying to help the women of Afghanistan.

Clearly not every Muslim we meet in the street in the U.S. believes in controlling women and stoning women and so on.  It's wrong to generalize to all Muslims even if strict Islamic law does have stoning in it.  The bible says that people who commit certain crimes should be stoned but despite that Jews and Christians don't stone anyone. Although we should not generalize to all Muslims we should listen to what Wafa Sultan is warning us about.  Just because not all Muslims believe in something doesn't mean that a lot of them don't believe in it.

In America kids are being taught to generalize that all whites are privileged oppressors. They are sometimes taught that men oppress women. Just as generalizing that all Muslims are dangerous fanatic crazies is wrong, generalizing that all white men are privileged oppressors of women is also wrong.

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