1.12 What Group Did the Most to End Slavery Around the World?

Britain a country where slavers came from was also a country where a strong anti-slavery movement arose that ended slavery around much of the globe.  Thomas Sowell speaks about this in the video below.


Thomas Sowell mentioned that England had to pay slave owners compensation to end slavery.  Another reason it was difficult to end slavery was slave owners were afraid that freed slaves would get revenge and turn against them.

The United Slaves had many slave owners but also many people who fought and died to end slavery.  Schoolchildren are taught to see the United States and white people as a single group that enslaved black people but the truth is that there were whites who were slavers and whites who fought to stop slavery.  School children are taught that whites who colonized Africa were bad but they did good things like abolishing slavery, building roads and rail lines, introducing Western medicine, and building schools and hospitals.

Here is a video clip about how white people as far north as Iceland were enslaved by blacks. 

There are books about the experiences of whites who were enslaved by blacks.  Dean King's Skeletons on the Zahara: A True Story of Survival, about an American ship that wrecked on Africa's shores in 1815.  The survivors were sold into absolutely brutal slavery, and a few were finally ransomed.  The memoirs that Captain James Riley wrote about the experience, Sufferings in Africa, became a massive bestseller in early 19th-century America.

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Although much of slavery in the world was abolished slavery still exists.  Who currently (2021) is the leader of the fight against slavery in Africa, a Jewish white man or a black Muslim?

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