2.26 The Theft of the 2020 Election

 Molly Hemingway wrote a book called Rigged about the 2020 election.  In the second video below Molly Hemingway mentions that Big Tech censored people and deplatformed people to help President Biden win.  She is referring to social media like Facebook and Twitter who blocked information that would help Trump win and who removed the accounts of some people who made pro-Trump statements.  She says that what Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook, did to government offices would be like the New England Patriots hiring the referees to their games.  She speaks about censorship of the story of corrupt actions of the Biden family.  The son of then vice president Biden, Hunter Biden was getting 50,000 a month from the Burisma corporation.  The Bursima corporation is Ukranian oil and gas company.  Hunter Biden had no experience in the oil industry so what were they paying him for?  It's likely they were paying for him to help them get access to his father and ask the U.S. to help them.  One of the things they needed help with was stopping a Ukranian prosecutor named Victor Shokin, from investigating them for corruption.  Part of that corruption was paying off Biden's son. Vice president Biden did help them and talks about it below.

Vice President Joe Biden claimed that he never talked to his son about his overseas business dealings.  A laptop was dropped off at a repair shop in Joe Biden's state of Delaware that had a lot of emails in it of Hunter Biden including private videos of Hunter Biden.  It probably was Hunter Biden's laptop.  In it there were emails which showed that Joe Biden did discuss his son's overseas business dealings. That is a strong evidence about Joe Biden's corruption that Facebook and Twitter would not allow to be seen on their web sites.  Their excuse was that the laptop was hacked and they shouldn't show hacked information to the public.  The laptop was repaired not hacked.  The Democrats say the Russians planted the laptop at a repair shop and that it really isn't Hunter's laptop.  Even if that were true it doesn't explain the video of Joe Biden boasting how he got the Ukraine to stop Victor Shokin from investigating Burisma and it doesn't explain why Joe Biden did that.  An independent source says that the emails are genuine.

In the video below Molly Hemingway talks about the results of her investigation into the theft of the 2020 election by the Democrats.



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