6.8 Advice From a Person Who De-Transitioned

Helena has learned lessons from her mistakes and has advice to help prevent others from making the mistake she made which are in the video below.  There are some other lessons to learn as well.  One is that everyone can encourage you to do something and they can all be wrong.  Just because a large number of people say something is true doesn't mean it is.  You need to use your own brain to decide if it makes sense to you.  Even if something makes sense it could be wrong but the best we can do to judge if something is true or not is think if it makes sense to us.  We can also look for arguments for and against to help us evaluate if something is true or not.  This entire web site provides arguments against a lot of what is taught in school and social media sites including the gender propaganda.

Helena explained that one reason she becamed convinced she should transition was because there was no pushback against the people who said she should.  There was pushback from her mother but like many teens she didn't think much of her mother's judgment.  There was no pushback on Tumblr the social media site where she was being encouraged to transition.  Why is that?  Probably because anyone who would argue with what the people on Tumblr was saying would get cancelled and lose their Tumblr account.  Maybe people who would have warned Helena already did lose their Tumblr accounts.  So there is another lesson here which is cancelling people who you disagree with is bad.  Just because the people on Tumblr disagree with someone doesn't mean that someone doesn't have something important to say.   A lot of people have been cancelled for saying anything transgenders don't want you to hear.   Kathleen Cataford, a school nurse at the Richard J Kinsella Magnet School in Hartford in Connecticut, was fired for a post on Facebook. Writing on a local mom’s group in response to a request for local school recommendations, the 77 year-old wrote: ‘Investigate the school system curriculum…Connecticut is a very socially liberal, gender confused state,... As a public school nurse, I have an 11yo female student on puberty blockers and a dozen identifying as non-binary, all but two keeping this as a secret from their parents with the help of teachers, social workers and school administration. ‘Teachers and social workers are spending 37.5 hours a week influencing our children, not necessarily teaching our children what YOU think is being taught....children are introduced to this confusion in kindergarten.’

This ruthlessness against people who speak up against the transgender craze is going on in countries all over the world.  In one case Indian feminist Vaishnavi Sundar was cancelled because she said that boys who say they are girls should not be allowed to use women's bathrooms.  You can read about her story by clicking here.


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