1.19 Confused Privileged White Men Discuss Their Wokeness

There are a lot of poor white men out in the country side and these guys from the Babylon Bee are acting like they are two of them.  In this video they discuss how they have been told that they are hateful, racist misogynist white men and they try and figure out if they are.  They talk about Bill Cosby.  Bill Cosby is a comedian whose stories were a lot of fun to listen to.  A woman accused Bill Cosby of assaulting her and a jury found him guilty and he went to jail.  The white man in the video liked Bill Cosby until he heard about the assault.  The men don't like how the LBGQT community tries to control the words they use.  We are told not to refer to a woman as she or her and not to refer to a man as he or him if they identify as something else.  In fact there are fines for doing so.  The left tells us what we can and can't say.  Many universities only allow free speech in free speech zones and some don't allow certain speech they don't like anywhere on campus. 


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One person who speaks out against equity is professor Amy Wax of the University of Pennsylvania.  She is not afraid to criticize ethnic groups when the majority of those groups act in a bad way and so the Philadelphia City Council wrote a letter to the University of Pennsylvania accusing her of racism and asking that the University reconsider Amy Wax's position at the University.  As a result the University is considering whether to terminate her position or reduce her pay or punish her in some other way.

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