10.3 Do White Women's Lives Matter to Black People?


Warning:  This web page is part of a section about What's Wrong with America.  One big problem we have in America is crime.  This web page tells about 4 crimes committed by blacks against whites.  In our schools children are often taught unsuitable lessons about what white people did to blacks.  This lesson about what black people have done to whites might not be suitable for children. You might want to skip to the next lesson by clicking here.  The reason this lesson is included is to show that that the lesson children are taught that all blacks are innocent victims of white people is a lie. The point of this lesson is to teach children not to blame all blacks for what some blacks have done wrong and not to blame all whites for what some whites have done wrong.


In July 2020, Jessica Doty Whitaker was shot in Indiana after she told black people who said that Black Lives Matter, that All Lives Matter.

Here are some pictures of Jessica.


In January 2022 mentally ill Simon Martial killed Michelle Alyssa Go by pushing her onto the subway tracks in front of an R train in Times Square in New York.  Michelle's friends described her as generous and incredibly smart.


Here is a picture of the man who killed Michelle, Simon Martial.

In the same month as Michelle was shoved in front of a subway train,  UCLA grad student Brianna Kupfer was stabbed to death while working in a furniture store in Los Angeles. According to police, longtime criminal Laval Smith is the man who killed her.  Smith has a criminal record that includes gun charges and an attack on a policeman.

Here are pictures of Briana.


Shawn Laval Smith, is the man charged with killing Briana. 


A week before Briana was killed Kristal Bayron-Nieves was killed while working in Burger King in Harlem, New York.

Here is a picture of Kristal.


Here is a picture of Winston Glynn, the man arrested for killing Kristal.  He is a 31 year old criminal who had been arrested several times as of Jan 2022.

There are many more white people who have been shot by black people who are not listed on this page.  In fact there are many black people shot by black people who are not listed on this page.  The group that kills the most blacks in the United States is other blacks.

The political left often tells us that black lives matter, and that whites owe reparations to black people.  What about reparations for what these black people did to white people?  Shouldn't blacks pay those? 

The political left tells us that blacks can't be racist.  In fact the principal of my children's school in NYC told me that.  The murderers of these white women  didn't have to kill them.  Sure smells like racism and hatred of white people to me. 

It is wrong to generalize to all black people from the actions of the black people shown on this web page.  There are plenty of black policemen who put their lives at risk to keep all of us safe including white women.  There are many good black people who don't hate whites and don't hate women.  However, just as it is wrong to generalize that all blacks are like the criminals described on this page it is wrong to generalize that all whites are guilty for what some whites did a long time ago.  It's also wrong to blame whites for what some policemen, both black and white did while arresting, resisting black criminals.  Most importantly it is wrong to release criminals like these on the streets.  One excuse of the left for releasing them is to be anti-racist and achieve equity in prisons.  Which is more important, equity, or the lives of the next white young women who will be killed if dangerous criminals are allowed free because they are black?  The left is also against putting the dangerously mentally ill in mental hospitals against their will.  Michelle Alyssa Go might be alive today if Simon Martial had been in a mental hospital.

The question we need to ask Democrats who promote policies that lead to death of white women, "Do White Women's Lives Matter to You?" 

Here is a video of people remembering Briana.


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