3.5 Should We Abolish Gifted Programs So That Blacks Have an Equal Chance?


This is a racist question.  It assumes that blacks can't get into gifted programs.  That hasn't stopped cities from abolishing gifted programs.  What about the black person who could have gotten into the gifted program?  Abolishing that program takes away an opportunity he might have had to excel.

If a teacher slows down until the slowest student in the class understands the material the smarter students will learn a lot less than they otherwise would have.  They will be very bored and might even avoid school and get bad grades even though they are smarter than the other students. 

The video below starts with a video of fighter planes.  The speaker explains how not making the cockpit instruments and chair adjustable made it more difficult for the pilots to fly.  He says the same applies to education.  Children should be taught at the rate that's best for them.  There is one thing he did not say that is important to add.  Our country needs fighter planes to defend itself.  Whether our pilots return alive or not depend on whether our airplanes are better than those of our enemies.  We need to have engineers that can make our planes better than those of our enemies and cheaper so that we can make more of them.  If our top engineering talent is still learning to add in college because our schools teach to the slowest student, we will be lucky if our engineers can design a plane that flies let alone is better than those of our enemies.  This doesn't just apply to planes.  If the products our engineers design are worse than those of our competitors we won't be able to sell our products and there will be no jobs to make those products.  If our surgeons are chosen based on race and not on talent the last thing we see in life may be masked surgeons looking down at us as we are put asleep in the operating room.



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