10.9 Allen West Talks about Americas Loss of the Victor Mentality

Allen West is an American politician and retired U.S. Army lieutenant colonel who served in Afghanistan and Iraq.  He was invited to speak at the University of Notre Dame.  He spoke about American exceptionalism and how there is a victor mentality at Notre Dame but also about how there is a victim mentality in America which is bad for America and bad for the American military.  He spoke about how the military was underequipped and how bad rules from policy makers who are not determined to win, prevent the military from winning. 

 In the video below Allen mentions IEDs.  IEDs are bombs designed to go off when a car drives over them.  IED stands for Intelligent Electronic Device.  Allen talks about poll tests in the video.  Poll tests are questionaires politicians who wanted to get elected pass around to find out what voters want to hear.  Once these politicians know what the voting public wants to hear they say it in order to get the voter's votes.  Allen also mentions Neville Chamberlain.  Neville Chamberlain was prime minister of England who, along with France betrayed their obligations under a 1924 alliance to protect Czechoslovakia.  They pressured Czechoslovakia into giving the Sudentenland to Germany in return for a document signed by Hitler promising peace.  The Sudetenland was a heavily fortified mountainous region between Czechoslovakia and Germany that was a major obstacle to Hitler's ambitions of conquering the world.  Once that was in Hitler's hands he invaded.

Here are some excerpts from Allen's speech combined with videos of what he was talking about.


Black Lives Matter teaches that blacks are victims.   Black Lives Matter teaches that America is a bad white supremacist racist country where blacks will always be victims.  Allen West teaches that America is a great country where black people can be victors.

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Allen West said America has been a beacon of liberty, freedom and democracy.  He says America is exceptional.  He says America is a place where everyone can be a victor.  What do you think Black Lives Matter thinks about Colonel Allen West? 

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