9.4 Is Israel an Apartheid State?

There are people who are pushing the idea in schools that Israel is an apartheid state.  A group in California is pushing for a Liberated Ethnic Culture Curriculum which teaches children that Israel is apartheid.  A group called New York Educators for Palestine teaches anti-Israel propaganda and a teacher who wore a shirt to school that said "Proud Zionist" was told by the principal that he couldn't wear the shirt in the school building even though other political slogans were allowed to be worn by staff members. The Boycott Divestment and Sanction movement is a group that accuses Israel of apartheid and that encourages organizations to boycott Israel.   The Seattle Education Association endorsed the BDS movement.  A San Francisco teachers union did as well.  For this reason this web site has a lesson that asks "Is Israel an Apartheid State?"



There is real apartheid but it is in Palestinian Arab controlled areas.   Jews who have the misfortune of taking a wrong turn and driving into Palestinian controlled areas are in danger of their lives.  In December 2021 two Israelis took a wrong turn into the Palestinian controlled town of Ramallah.  This is what the Palestinians did to their car.

The Israelis were escorted out of the area and turned over to Israel unhurt by Palestinian security forces.  They were lucky.  In other cases Israelis have not been so lucky. For this reason Israel found it necessary to order Jews to stay out of Palestinian controlled areas.

There are Muslim no go zones in Europe where non-Muslims, especially Jews are afraid to go.   That is a form of real apartheid.

Two Israelis wandered too close to a Palestinian Arab protest in New York.  This is what happened.  No Israelis allowed.  Apartheid.


Israel in order to protect its citizens from terrorist attacks build a fence and in some parts a wall on what is known as the green line.  After Israel survived the 1948 attempts of the Arab armies to destroy it, it signed armistice agreements with those Arab countries defining a border called the green line.  After repeated terrorist attacks Israel built a fence along the green line.  Propagandists against Israel say this fence creates apartheid.  What it does is keeps Arab terrorists apart from the Israeli population although some Arab terrorists get through and their rockets fly over the fence.  Despite that the fence has helped keep Israelis safe as summarized below.

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Arabs accuse Israelis of killing Palestinian babies?  Do they?

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