4.16 China and Climate Change

China is one of the big reasons European and American policies to stop using fossil fuels are a very stupid idea.  Lets assume for a minute that carbon dioxide emissions are bringing about a global warming doomsday (they're not) in which our planet will become hotter and hotter until all the oceans boil away and the land melts into a giant heap of red hot lava.  Will Europe and the United States cutting down on fossil fuels make a difference?  Francis Fenton wrote:

The rapid elimination of use of fossil fuels, supposedly to fight “climate change,” remains official government policy throughout Europe, at the federal level in the U.S., in most blue American states, and as well in Canada, Australia and New Zealand.  States like New York and California have rapidly approaching legal deadlines for shuttering all fossil fuel power plants, prohibiting all automobiles other than electric ones, banning natural gas for heating and cooking, and otherwise quickly upending the last century of energy progress that has made our lives affordable and enjoyable.

In the rest of the world, fossil fuel usage continues to soar. Leading the way is China, which has used the last two years of Covid distraction to have its emissions leapfrog to new records. In the overall picture, the Western obsession with decreasing emissions, despite enormous costs, does not have any impact that is even noticeable.

Other than  a drop in global emissions during Covid, global emissions of carbon dioxide have been increasing. 


The video below gives an idea of how big coal mining is in China.


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