7.5 Fighting Terrorists

    The United States, Israel and India are the three countries that have fought the most against terrorists.  On September 11, the Al Qaeda terrorist organization struck the United States by hijacking planes and flying them into the Twin Towers and the Pentagon.  The passengers of one plane managed to prevent it from reaching its target but couldn't stop the Muslim pilot from crashing it into the ground in Shanksville, Pennsylvania killing everyone onboard.   After the attack President Bush joined the rescuers at Ground Zero the location of where the Twin Towers once stood.  Here is a video of him speaking to the rescuers.


America counterattacked and launched operation Enduring Freedom in an effort to destroy Osama bin Laden's terrorist network in Afghanistan.  Charlie Daniels wrote a song about what would happen which actually came to pass.


One of the heros who went after Bin Laden was a dog named Cairo.  Dogs are helpful to the Navy Seals because they can smell explosives and people and they can chase after them.  A book was written about him called No Ordinary Dog.  Here is a video about Cairo.


After Osama was gone another radical and brutal Islamic organization Americans call ISIS gained power.  By 2014 ISIS had conquered 42,000 square miles and viciously oppressed those within the areas it controlled. 

Donald Trump made it a priority to defeat ISIS and during his administration the United States killed its top commander Al Baghdadi and with the help of the Kurds defeated ISIS.  One of the groups persecuted by ISIS were the Yazidis.  The Yazidis were believers in a different religion than the Muslims.  The Yazidi women were enslaved by the Muslims of ISIS and the men were killed.  Yazidi women who weren't captured by ISIS joined the Muslim Kurds and fought against ISIS. 

Here is a speech Trump made when the U.S. killed Al Baghdadi.


Baghdadi was chased into a tunnel by a dog named Conan.  Here is a video about Conan.


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When Saddam was in power the United States invaded Iraq an enemy of both the United States and Israel.  Miss Iraq has come out in support of both the United States and Israel.  Why did she do that and what happened to her?

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