2.4 Doesn't Police Brutality to Blacks Prove that Whites Are Racist?

If a white policeman is brutal it doesn't mean all police are brutal and it doesn't mean all whites are brutal.  If the person the policeman was brutal to happens to be black that doesn't mean that they were brutal because that person was black.  There have been many tragic killings by police of whites as well as blacks.  Many of the tragic shootings by police happened after they were attacked by the person they were trying to arrest. 

In the tragic case of Breonna Taylor, her boyfriend shot a policeman before he and his fellow officers shot back. Tony McDade pointed his gun at a policeman before the policeman shot back. Dion Johnson tried to grab a policeman's weapon, and in the struggle that followed he was shot. Rayshard Brooks fired a taser at a policeman before he was shot. Atatiana Jefferson pointed a gun at a policeman before he shot her. Tamir Rice pointed a toy gun, whose orange barrel had been removed so that it looked like a real gun, at officer Loehmann who then shot Tamir. Officer Loehmann explained his actions with: "I knew it was a gun, and I knew it was coming out." Michael Brown ran toward Officer Darren Wilson and wouldn't stop despite repeated commands to get down on the ground.  If we look deeper into a lot of the accusations of police brutality we find out that many are unfair. 

In the video below a black police officer answers the question of whether he has experienced racism.  He experienced a lot of unfair hostility to the police but he didn't experience racism.


Larry Elder talks about the question of whether police target blacks in the video below.



In this short movie we learn to put ourselves in the shoes of a policeman.


Buddy Brown wrote a song called Back the Blue (the police).  You can watch him sing it below.


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