1.17 Should They Graduate At the Top of Their Class?

The woke people of today, the one's who preach Critical Race Theory say that we should have equity.  They say it's not fair if black kids get disciplined more than whites.  In fact if a school does that they can get into trouble for being racist.  What about the young men in the following video?  Was it racist of the police to arrest them?  Should they arrest white folk now to be fair?  Was it racist of the police to release a police dog to chase those young men?  These young men are not the brightest people on the planet.  Their first mistake was to try and steal a car because they were low on gas.  Their second mistake was to do it in front of a fitness gym which is likely to be full of tough people whose car you don't want to steal.  You can see the rest of their not to bright decisions in the video below.  Should those young men have been accepted into gifted schools anyway so that there would be racial equity?  Is it racist if a company doesn't want to hire them or a school doesn't want to accept them or if the school they were already in disciplined them when they misbehaved?  If the school had disciplined them, maybe they would have learned a lesson and not tried to steal a car.  There are more black men behind bars than white men.  Was the judge who ordered that these men be put behind bars racist?  Are they behind bars because of systemic racism?

I had a very good friend when I was in college who was one of the nicest guys I had ever met. He shocked me one day when he told me that he used to be a bully.  I asked him what changed him.  He said one day a guy he was bullying beat him up.  He said he learned a lesson.  He learned what it was like for the people he was bullying.  What my friend experienced was a form of discipline.  It wasn't from a school, school teachers aren't allowed to use physical violence but it was discipline nevertheless.  If it wasn't for that discipline my friend probably would not have turned into a nice and successful person and he might have wound up in prison instead of in college.  Punishing people who discipline blacks does no favor to blacks.

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