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My son was taught in his class in Jan 2022 that there is a lot of suppression of the black vote by the Republicans.  One of the allegations of the teacher was that voter ID suppresses the black vote.  I created a lesson several months ago that shows that black people don't agree that voter ID suppresses their vote at all.  On the contrary voter ID ensures that someone else doesn't vote in your name.  You can see the voter ID lesson by clicking here.   The Democrats accuse the Republicans of voter suppression but they themselves suppress the Republican vote with voter fraud and vote rigging. 

There are two kinds of fraud relating to elections.  One is voter fraud in which one side is blocked from voting or their votes aren't counted or fake and votes and votes from people who aren't citizens are counted.  The other fraud is dishonest propaganda and hiding of information which manipulates people into voting for someone they wouldn't normally vote for.  This is called rigging the election and is discussed in the next lesson

According to a 2020 Gallup poll, Trump had been picked by the public as the most admired man that year... His accomplishments had been outstanding. The polls said he would win easily.  Trump’s opponent (Biden) was nowhere to be seen. After the 2020 election Trump said that he would have won if it hadn't been for voter fraud. 

Trump said:

"On Election Night, America watched as my lead grew and grew over Joe Biden, as I was
set to claim another victory. By the morning of November 4th, the day after the Election, I led by
700,000 votes in Pennsylvania, 300,000 in Michigan, and hundreds of thousands in Georgia,
Arizona, and Wisconsin.

After he morning of the 4th the majority of vote being counted was for Biden.  Were those votes real?  President Trump and many of his supporters don't think so.  In fact some of his supporters were so upset that they marched into the capitol building in protest.  That became known as the January insurrection.  President Biden and the left wing media calls those who think the election stolen, and especially those who protested by entering the capital, dangerous extremists and domestic terrorists.  Are they?  Did they kill anyone?  Did they blow up the capitol?  No.  In fact the only person killed was a protestor by the name of Ashli Babbitt and she was shot by a capitol policeman.  The FBI invaded the homes of people connected to the January 6 "insurrection".  Many of those protesters were put in jail in terrible conditions and some were even locked up in solitary confinement.

Do more Biden voters vote after election day than Trump voters?  Does that explain what happened?  The Pew Polling organization asked voters that question.  Nearly four-in-ten Trump voters (37%) say they voted in person on Election Day, while just 17% of Biden voters say they cast their ballot at a polling place on Nov. 3. Trump voters are also slightly more likely than Biden voters to say they voted in person before Election Day. 30% Trump voters report voting this way, compared with 24% of Biden voters. The Pew Poll found that more Trump voters were worried that voting by mail wasn't reliable and that more Biden voters were worried about catching the Corona virus if they voted on election day at the voting machines.

The above might explain how Trump had the lead in the beginning and then lost it.  It does not explain why Trump lost the popular vote after the Gallop poll showed that Trump would win easily. 

If one side wanted to commit voter fraud how would they do it?  One obvious way is to get rid of the requirement for photo IDs and signature verification.  When voters vote, it used to be that their signature had to match a signature of theirs in a large notebook of voters in their district.  A voting clerk would check if the signatures matched or not and if they did the person was allowed to vote.  If the person voting doesn't have to match a picture of them and their signatures don't have to match the person voting could be someone else.  There are problems with doing this?  If people heard you were getting rid of voter id and signature verification they'd think your side is planning to commit massive fraud.  So you have to come up with a plausible argument for engaging in voter fraud.  What if you argued that voter ID was racist that it suppressed the vote of black people?  What if you could create a study that showed this is the case and say "see voter ID suppresses the black vote" so we have to get rid of it.  That's exactly what the Democrats have done.  What about signature verification?  The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has sued and won cases against states that required signature verification.  The ACLU claimed that "Ballots being rejected because of a perceived signature mismatch heavily affects voters already at the margins —  people with disabilities, trans and gender-nonconforming people, women, people for whom English is a second language, and military personnel."  Getting rid of voter ID and signature verification makes it easy to commit voter fraud but it would be obvious that someone was committing fraud if they kept coming back to vote with a different name.  What if you could have voting by absentee ballot and not require that the absentee ballot signature match a signature on file?  Then you could engage in voter fraud on a massive scale.  That's exactly what Attorney General Ken Paxton says happened in the video below.


What if people complained about this and said you are committing voter fraud?  You could say that people who claim voter fraud are lying and undermining democracy.  That's what president Joe Biden did in a speech he gave in 2022 at Independence Hall.

In 2022, two years later there were other elections throughout the United States.  One of those elections was for Governor of Arizona.  Like Trump Kari Lake was leading on election day.  Like Trump the voters counted afterwords were predominantly for her Democrat opponent. Like Trump she was leading in the polls.  She talks about the election in the video below.


Voting machines malfunctioned in predominantly Republican areas so that many Republicans couldn't vote.  A cyber expert said that this can't be a coincidence.


The election has to be certified as valid before a new person an become governor.  People testified before the Maricopa County Board of supervisors saying the election should not be certified.  Here is testimony from one of the people who objected to certification.


Despite all the testimony the Maricopa county Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to certify the election.  One reason may have been that they wanted Kari Lake to lose.  Another may have been that they were afraid of being charged with a felony if they didn't certify the election.  Lake's opponent, Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, threatened felony charges for officials who don't certify the election.

Kari Lake sued but Maricopa County judge Peter Thompson, dismissed her case.  Rachel Alexander explained why it was predictable that he would.  She wrote:

The problem is no attorneys or judges licensed by state bars dare to get involved (in exposing voter fraud and fixing laws) since they’re likely to get disbarred; the left has so much control over state bars. One of the only election attorneys in Arizona who has the guts to get involved in these issues has been under investigation by the state bar for almost two years. The Arizona State Bar is one of the most vicious bars in the country targeting conservative attorneys. This is why the left repeatedly claims there has been no “evidence” of voter fraud in court cases.

Rachel Alexander wrote that Judge Thompson completely ignored all the voters who saw the long lines and gave up trying to vote, as if they didn't count. Considering probably well over half of the voting locations in Maricopa County were affected, not to mention they were almost all in heavily Republican areas, this was no small disenfranchisement. Judge Thompson also ignored observers' testimony that 90% of mismatched signatures were accepted.

Former President Trump gave many reasons why he thought the election was stolen from him in 2000.  There is a video of him giving those reasons in the next lesson.

Much of the Democrat media said that Trump's allegations of fraud were baseless.  Here is an example of the media doing that.


Some of the conservative media say there isn't enough evidence to prove the election was stolen.  On the otherhand the Wall Street Journal, a major conservative newspaper wrote about how in 2013, 63 undercover investigators pretended to be ineligible individuals still on the city voter rolls. Each ineligible voter had died, moved out of the jurisdiction, or been convicted of a felony and only one was stopped.  The one who was stopped was stopped by the voting clerk who happened to be the mother of the felon he was impersonating.  In 2012 a Democratic New York election official, Alan Schulkin, said that in “Certain neighborhoods in particular, they bus people around to vote.  They put them in a bus and go poll site to poll site.” In another case a local polling official reported to the police that a group of men had apparently voted more than once, while honest voters were told they couldn’t vote because their ballots had already been cast. The police response, according to press reports, was that they don’t investigate alleged voter fraud.  Why do people commit voter fraud in New York?  Because it's easy and they don't get punished.  Why is it so easy?  One reason is there is no requirement for voter ID.  Why is there no requirement for voter ID?  Maybe because fraud benefits the Democrats.

 Contrary to what the Democrat media says there is reason to believe that there was a lot of fraud in the 2020 election.  Former mayor Giuliani discusses some of that evidence in the video below.  In the video he talks about people who signed affidavits saying they witnessed fraud. Affidavits are written statement confirmed by oath, for use as evidence in court. He talks about election officials in Pennsylvania who ran an illegal election in defiance of the Pennsyvania state legislature.  He talks about absentee ballots.  A ballot is the document with your vote written on it.  An absentee ballot is a ballot that a voter filled out without being at the polling place.  In Pennsylvania the law is that both a Republican and a Democrat have to inspect the absentee ballots to make sure they aren't fraudulent.  One way they do that is by signature matching.  A record is kept of the signatures of voters and those signatures should match the signature on the ballot. Giuliani says that in Pennsylvania over 680,000 absentee ballots were entered secretly without being examined by a Republican.   In Georgia signature matches weren't done even though the Georgia legislature required signature matching.  In Arizona 11,000 more votes were cast than were registered to vote.

Bernard Kerik used to be the police commissioner of New York.  Later on he investigated the 2020 election.  Kerik said. “I witnessed what happened in the election. When the mainstream media says it’s all a big lie, I’m the guy that had to collect the affidavits from the people that witnessed voter and election fraud. I’m the guy that had to help put those hearings together. I’m the guy that talked to a number of different lawyers, that were right here in Pennsylvania, in Pittsburgh. Republican lawyers that were not allowed to watch what was going on at the polls. So people can say all day long, ‘There was no voter and election fraud.’ That’s B.S. and I know it.”

Konnech is an election software company whose software was used in many counties of Virginia.  On November 3, 2020, Trump was leading in Virginia, until late-night ballot drops in Fairfax County delivered a whopping 73% of Biden votes—an unprecedented voting pattern. Eugene Yu, the founder and CEO of Konnech, Inc. was arrested and charged with transferring election poll worker information to China. 

In the 2020 elections it’s also noteworthy that Dominion Voting Systems were being used in every battleground swing state, with charges arising that Dominion played a role in altering votes. At that time, Dominion listed Chinese Bank HSBC as their collateral agent for eighteen different patents pertaining to the handling of ballots and votes through the controlling process, including ballot imaging processing, terminals, security, keypads, and tabulating programs. Eric Coomer, then vice president of U.S. engineering at Dominion, who was also involved with Antifa,  admitted on social media to rigging Dominion voting machines in order to prevent President Trump from winning reelection, telling one group:  “Don’t worry about the election; Trump’s not gonna win. I made f***ing sure of that!”  It’s also noteworthy that Georgia under the governorship of Brian Kemp in 2020, had extraordinarily friendly ties with the Chinese CCP, with some arguing that Georgia’s adoption and deployment of Dominion voting machines statewide was a key factor in shifting votes from Trump to Biden in that critical state. Discussion of Chinese influence in U.S. elections would not be complete without also mentioning that China is the top source of counterfeit driver’s licenses that have been seized by Customs and Border Protection agents that are intended for a variety of purposes, including voter fraud. Also noteworthy is the role of pro-Beijing leftists involved with the Chinese Progressive Association in America called “Seed the Vote,” whose purpose is to mobilize votes for the Democrat Party.

 There is more evidence of voter fraud.  Here is some of it.

Gregory Stenstrom and Leah Hoopes released “The Parallel Election: A Blueprint for Deception” on August 9, 2022, describing in detail who, what, when, where,  and how massive election fraud was perpetrated. They wrote that they have proof that approximately 70,000 real mail-in ballots were secreted away, and approximately 120,000 fake mail-in ballots were injected into the election in Delaware County, Pennsylvania. They wrote that tens of thousands more votes were fraudulently infused, to unilaterally deliver the approximately 80,000 votes used to declare Joe Biden the “winner” in the 2020 election in Pennsylvania. They have further documented this on the social media platform  https://www.patriot.online/

They wrote that the way the election fraud and “parallel election” was done can be summarized as: 

Mollie Hemingway wrote a book called: Rigged: How the Media, Big Tech and the Democrats Seized Our Elections (Regnery, 2021). 

She wrote that Trump was winning on election day so at night people monitoring the election were sent home and in the late hours counted fake ballots favoring Biden, such that he "won" by 10,000 to 30,000 votes, on Nov. 4 and after in the targeted states.

In 2022 crime and inflation and drug problems were a lot higher with Democrats in control and with Joe Biden in control than they were when Trump was president.   73% of people polled placed crime and inflation as top concerns.  Prior to the election, polls predicted Republicans would get a big majority in the Senate and the House. They didn't. 

Armando Simon wrote:

Consider also that serious anomalies that we were not conscious of during the 2020 elections until afterward are plainly visible, such as: in New Jersey ballots went missing while Dominion voting computers malfunctioned.  Leftists infiltrated election bureaucracies where votes are tabulated and some even blatantly urged voters to vote Democrat. The Champaign County Illinois election computers came under cyberattack. Oh, and the voting machines in Lee Zeldin’s Suffolk County, New York, broke down. In Harris county, Texas, voters were turned away in Republican strongholds because of equipment malfunction and a shortage of ballots.

 I read almost every day about a horrific crime in New York City subways.  Republican Lee Zeldin was for getting tough on crime but he lost the New York governor's race to Kathy Hochul who wasn't.   Crime was even worse in Philadelphia than in New York City.  Dr. Oz  and John Fetterman were running to be the next senator for Pennsylvania.  John Fetterman had brain damage due to a stroke.  Dr. Oz was for getting tough on crime, John Fetterman was for releasing murderers yet Dr. Oz lost.  Dr. Oz was in the lead before the election.  Why Did Dr. Oz lose the election?  One reason might be that people voted before seeing the two debate.  This is an interview with Dr. Oz before the election.

Armando wrote:

Now, they are telling us that Pennsylvania voters are so stupid they did not care about Democrats turning children into homosexuals and transgender in schools, the skyrocketing inflation, the runaway crime, the disintegrating border, shoving COVID patients in nursing homes, all affecting them personally, to vote for a brain damaged Frankenstein...In Michigan, the Democrat and Republican votes were being tabulated which showed the normal angular gradual climb, when two perpendicular spikes suddenly put the repulsive Democrat governor, Gretchen Whitmer, suddenly ahead. The same phenomenon occurred in Georgia. And, guess what, the same thing happened in New Mexico. And in the 2020 presidential election.

Wayne Allyn Root wrote an article Gaslighted: It's clear Democrats just stole another election (wnd.com) about the elections in November 2022.  He pointed out that in states which didn't allow cheating, like Florida and Ohio, Republicans did as well as polls predicted whereas in states where fraud was easy to commit, Democrats won.  CNN's own exit polls showed the GOP made massive gains among almost every voting group: men, women, white men, white women, black people, Hispanic people, young people. Everyone.   Yet somehow Democrats beat Republicans in many of the elections.

Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips are leaders of a group called True the Vote that found evidence of voter fraud.  Federal district Judge Kenneth Hoyt ordered them jailed because they wouldn't release the identity of a confidential informant.  They appealed to a higher court and were released a week later, however they should not have been locked up at all for protecting someone who gave them confidential information.  The fact that they were locked up suggests that the judge wanted to punish their informant.  It also suggests that what they have to say is important.  You can read some of it on their web site.  Here is an intro video from their website about the influence of one of the least free countries in the world, China, on our elections.


Scott Lively wrote a great article called Election Fraud for Dummies. 

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