10.13 The Voyage of the Damned

America under the Biden administration is allowing massive immigration across our southern border knowing that people who enter will be grateful to Biden and will vote Democrat in future elections.  There was a time when America blocked off immigration.  That was during World War II.  Jews were being killed by the Nazis in Europe and were desperately trying to get out.  The United States closed its borders to them.  One reason was the U.S. was worried that the Germans might send spies disguised as Jews into the United States.   The U.S. might have been afraid that millions of refugees entering the United States would be hard to cope with.  Another reason for such a cruel decision must have been anti-semitism. 

In 1939 a ship of over 900 Jewish passengers tried to escape from Germany to Cuba but were not allowed to disembark.  They then tried to disembark in Florida but the United States wouldn't let them disembark.  So they had to go back to Europe where most of them were killed in the German concentration camp of Auschwitz.  Their story is called The Voyage of the Damned.  You can see a survivor, Herb Karliner, speak about it in the video below.


The Voyage of the Damned was made into a Hollywood movie which you can see by clicking here.

The British controlled Palestine (formerly the biblical country of Israel) and the Arabs didn't want the British to allow Jews back in.  The British were worried that the Arabs would join the Nazis and so didn't let Jews escape to their ancient homeland.  The British in Palestine were very hostile to the Jews there and that may have been one of the reasons they kept Jews from coming in.  Despite their efforts to please the Muslims, the Muslims fought on the German side anyway.  It was Jews who joined the British foreign legion to fight the Germans.  Today Israel is an independent country that allows Jewish refugees from all over the world a place to escape to.  In fact Israel has allowed in a lot of non-Jewish refugees.

There were a few countries that did let Jews in.  They were Bolivia, The Dominican Republic and the Phillipines.   These countries had the courage and morality to do what mighty Britain and America were afraid to do and unwiling to do.  The story of the Philippines is told in the video below.


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