2.22 Ying Ma Speaks Out Against Black Racism Towards Asians

When Ying Ma was a little girl her family had the opportunity to escape poverty in China and come to America.  They went to Oakland California not knowing what a bad place that was to go to.  Ying Ma wrote a very interesting and important book about her experiences called Chinese girl in the ghetto.


Ying Ma speaks about her experiences in the video below.  She gave this talk while Obama was president.  She made a mistake in the beginning of the video when she is talking about equality and says it was in Oakland when she means it was in China.  She brings up the equality her family had in China because a lot of people in America want equality and she wants to point out that equality isn't necessarily a good thing.  It's better if some people have money than if everyone is equally poor.  She also spoke about the minimum wage.  She isn't for the minimum wage if it means less money will be available to hire people.  She talks about arson by blacks that burn down their own communities.  She talks about when police officer Darren Wilson shot Michael Brown in Ferguson Missouri.  People blamed the police but even if it had been Darren Wilson's fault that would not make all police responsible and it wasn't Darren Wilson's fault.  Blacks rioted and committed arson and burned down their communities.  She talks about Eric Holder who was the attorney general of the United States. 

The justice department which he was the head of investigated whether officer Wilson shot Michael Brown for racist reasons.  The justice department found out that people who accused officer Wilson were lying but Eric Holder would not prosecute the people who lied saying that the police were bad which is why people were angry at the police and which was why they told lies about officer Wilson.



Tucker Carlson interviewed Ying Ma.   Ying Ma says that black leaders should speak out against black on Asian violence.


I did an internet search of Ying Ma's name and did not find any videos of black leaders supporting her.  I did find a youtube video by a black man, that attacks her.  The video has almost 6000 views and a thousand likes and only 9 dislikes one of which I posted.  In the video Demetrius Conner expresses his rage against her by calling her Michele Malkin junior and a nasty word and criticizing her looks.  Michele Malkin is another very fine and courageous person.


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