4.18 Is Greenland Melting?

Greenland is the world's largest island and is located between the Artic and Atlantic oceans.   It is east of Northern Canada.  Although it is very far north if its ice melted it would raise the sea levels of oceans all over the world.   Al Gore is an environmentalist who, in 2006, narrated the documentary, An Inconvenient Truth about impending Climate Disaster.  In one part of the documentary he warned that the ice of Greenland was melting and showed what harm that would do to cities around the world.   Here is the section about Greenland. 

The documentary is called an Inconvenient Truth because having to change our lives to try and stop global warming would be very inconvenient and so the idea is that people ignore that inconvenient truth because it is so inconvenient. 

The question we have to ask ourselves though is, is it true?  He starts by showing that between 1992 and 2005 about a third of the area of Greenland melted.  That's 13 years time.  If melting continued at that rate we'd expect another third to melt by 2005 + 13 years = 2018. That's 2/3 of Greenland's area.  Yet Al Gore gave a list of places around the world that would be flooded if only half of Greenland's area melted.  So either half of the ice didn't melt or he's wrong about the flooding. 

It's 2022 as I write this, 18 years after the documentary was made. Greenland hasn't melted.  Cities are not covered with water.  Tony Heller made a video in 2017 that says that Greenland isn't melting.  Part of his video is embedded below.


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Ok maybe Greenland isn't melting.  But there is no harm in reducing greenhouse emissions so that it doesn't melt right?

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