8.2 Aren't Men Paid More than Women?  Doesn't that prove America is Sexist against Women?

.Probably the best video that answers this question was made by Dr. Christina Hoff Summers of the American Enterprise Institute and Prager University.  The video shows people who say there is an unjust wage gap being refuted by her.  That video is embedded below. 


My daughter was told by her teacher that it was unfair that women basketball players make less money than male basketball players and that the reason was discrimination.  Where does the money come from that pays professional basketball players.  It comes from the people who pay to watch them.  More people watch male basketball players than watch female basketball players.  One reason for that is that the best male basketball players are better at the game than the best female basketball players and so it's more fun to watch them.  Some male soccer players are incredible.  That makes mens soccer more enjoyable to watch.  What women player ever came close to this video of Lionel Messi? Click below to see incredible exciting soccer.  This is optional for the quiz.

Here is some more fantastic soccer.  Also you don't need to watch this to do well on the quiz, it's just a lot of fun to watch.  Are men sexist because they prefer to watch this to women's soccer?


If how enjoyable it is to watch a sport determines how much money an athlete makes than if there was a sport where it was more enjoyable to watch the women, we'd expect the women to make more money.  I have always found female ice skating more enjoyable to watch than male ice skating even though the men are stronger.  Guess what, that's a sport where women make more than men.  Here is Yuna Kim ice skating to the music of Send in the Clowns.  Who wouldn't rather watch her dance to it than some man?  Maybe that's why she is the richest figure skater in history and has earned more than 35 million dollars so far.


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There are countries where there is real oppression of women.  Do feminists in the United States and Europe fight for the rights of women in those countries?

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