2.19 Are People Who Oppose Immigration Racist?

My children attend different public schools and are in different grades.  Both of them were assigned fiction books meant to convince them that Muslim refugees were nice people and keeping them out of the United States was mean and unfair.  The book my son was assigned was called Other Words For Home and my daughter was assigned the book Nowhere Boy.  In Otherwords for Home my son learned that the Koran is a very nice book and Muslim violence has nothing to do with it.  A little girl and her family come to America and are unfairly treated.  When they were wearing the Hijab an American told them "You don't have to wear that, you're free here".  That got the family upset because they think the hijab is wonderful.  Americans also wrote terrorist on the door of one of their Muslims friends in big bold red letters outlined with black paint.    In Nowhere Boy Ahmed a boy who lost his father on the perilous journey to the shores of Europe struggles to get by on his own.  These books are written to evoke sympathy to the Muslims entering the United States and Europe and to convince people that more should be allowed in.  My daughter was also shown a video designed to convince her that all Muslims coming in were harmless nice people.  The teacher of my sons class asked the students why America didn't allow in more Muslims. One student answered, because they're dangerous. The teacher said  "No that's not the reason, it's because America is racist." 

Islam is not a race, it is a set of beliefs.  There are people of all races who are Muslims.  Could it be though that Islam is a religion of peace and America doesn't allow in more Muslims because Americans have an irrational fear or hatred of Muslims?  Or might the student be right and Muslims are dangerous?  Are most Muslims moderate?  That question was asked by the creator of the video below.  The video starts with former president Barack Obama informing us that the violent Muslims are only a tiny percentage of Muslims worldwide.  The video then shows clips of Muslims in different places all over the world and lets the watcher of the video decide if what Obama said was really true.

The video mentions Osama.   Osama bin Laden was one of the planners of  the attack in September 11 2001 on the United States.  The video also shows a woman being assaulted by a mob of men, probably because she wasn't wearing a hijab.  This video has violence that is not appropriate for children.  If you don't want to watch it then read this paragraph about what's in the video instead.  It shows thousands of Muslims in Iran shouting "Death to America".  It shows Muslims in Egypt attacking a woman because she isn't wearing a Hijab.  It shows Muslims in Tunisia shouting "Obama Obama we are all Osama."  The video shows Muslims in Cologne Germany on New Years attacking innocent people by shooting fireworks at them.  It shows British police running away from Muslims.  It shows police in France being attacked by Muslim mobs with rocks and burning objects.    It shows the Muslim attack on civilians in Mumbai in 2008.  It shows an angry mob of Muslims marching in Australia.  One of the marchers is holding a sign that says "Our dead are in paradise, you're dead are in hell" while others are shouting "We love Osama."   It shows Muslims attacking Christians in Dearborn Michigan.  It shows a preacher in Brooklyn telling a Muslim mob that Muhammad's curse is on disbelievers. It shows the attack on America on 9/11/2001. 


The best way to decide if the people who who oppose bringing in Muslims are nasty hateful people, or people who have legitimate reasons to oppose Islamic immigration is to look at what happened to places that did bring in Islamic immigrants.  Here is what happened to Birmingham England.


It's important not to generalize to all Muslims.  Not all Muslims are rabid violent criminals, some are nice people but there are enough violent ones that we should be careful who we let into our country.  We need to understand that the Islamic religion instructs Muslims to subjugate the infidel with force if necessary and many Muslims believe that Allah has commanded them to do so. 


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